Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

In V20, my favorites were the Tremere. Thaumaturgy was completely broken, and while I didn’t try to make my PC too powerful, I stood out. Plus I’m a fan of their whole hierarchical, cabal-ish, seeking knowledge thing.

V5, probably Toreador. I’ve had so much fun playing my current one. In Night Road, I’ve played all of the clans but I one I’ve played the most? Lasombra. I really like the Lasombra PC’s backstory, the MC’s sire, the fact Oblivion unnerves even Kindred like Julian and Lettow, and the fact people aren’t used to playing nice with one.


That’s what they want you to believe


Or a hunter turned vampire.

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Lasombra in V20

And Ventrue in V5


What I’m not sure with is the link to Vampire licence. Yrs there ate vampire and it is settled in the World Of Darkness licence. But Hunter is another book of WoD. They’ve got their own rules and power.

So why call it Vampire?

Out for Blood takes place entirely in WoD continuity these aren’t the same guys from Hunter: The Reckoning. No nine creeds, no messengers, no hunters code, and no edges. Out for Blood is just ordinary people trying to deal with a vampires arriving in town and starting to spread their influence.


Ok. That make sense.

Yeah, in WoD capital-H Hunters and regular hunters of the supernatural are different, with capital-H Hunters being basically another kind of supernatural.

Somehow I hope to play a Jack Burton like (Big trouble in Little Chinatown). I really like this movie (saw it when I was kid, and I saw it a new this week during a Carpenter marathon).

My favorite are the Lasombra. I think their social darwinism fits the realities of being a Kindred very well. I’ve always felt like they are good at owning what they are. I also like the mysticism surrounding their connection to Oblivion. I was really excited when they got added as an option for the MC in the dlc a few months back.


I personally play a mix of Gangrel and Tremere throughout my games . Because I love having a animal companion, shapeshifting, and magic. But gun to my head is probably choose Tremere.


What was the update from last night? Bug fixes?

Ventrue are Tywin Lannister. (for the most part)

Lasombra are Littlefinger. (also for the most part)

There, that should clear up any misconceptions.

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Not an in-game bugfix, but something to try and help with inter-session stability for people on mobile.


Well, the game made me replay Bloodlines. This time I installed Clan Quest and War Game.

I really love both of these mods. Clan Quest change a lot of gameplay and add a lot of quest as well as a new map/hub and add possibility to join the Sabbat.

War Game is another game using Bloodlines’s files (like Nehrim and Oblivion). It take place in Europe during world war 2, in 1943 (begin in Portmouth, then Paris, Dublin and Berlin). Our Sire create us to work with/for the Camarilla in order to stop the axe (and the Sabbat) to achieve their nuclear project weapon.
A lot of new faces but some old faces too (Lacroix, for example, is a contact we made in Paris, or their is also the cannibal vampire from the old hospital…).

Very good mods.

And I can’t wait for the next Vampire game in Choice of Game. Coming this week, aye?

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You mean Pisha?


Just pushed another patch that will fix an infinite loop bug when you tried to buy blood in Tucson too many times and the game would crash. This should fix that.

Thanks to the reader who sent in a Steam file that let us track down the problem!


Honestly, my only strike against the ventral is the fact they have to feed on human blood, they can’t feed from blood bags, and they’re restricted to one type of prey. I’m a bit more of a Brugia fan, or Bono Hakeem, but then true or pretty cool, especially with the whole aesthetic and lore background to them.

No matter what you do even though you free them there are still shot down by gurads of that prison