Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road": Spoilers Inside Thread

does anyone know how to check the game version

3.1.6 like this i don’t know where to find it

The omnibus version is under settings

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Lampago has a portrait but I didn’t get one for Reremouse, even after killing him.

didn’t see Reremouse either. Perhaps it hasnt been released yet?

The tumblr community has been able to find new portraits of Jasper Knowles, Nadia, Giselle, Aila, Alexander Krol, Millicent Rue, and Edourd Chambet. Source and Source.

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Hello my name is Bambi Parsons and I am visually impaired I bought Vampire: The Masquerade Night Road for my iPhone through the App Store and have completed all but this achievement and would like a walk-through or help to complete it please I am visually impaired thank you please please please help

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Hi Bambi, which achievement are you having trouble with?

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Yeah, WOD rejected Reremouse’s image. We’re going to try again and maybe he’ll be released with the new clans IAP.


That’s alright. Cant wait to see how scary he is lol.


New clans are getting added? Has there been confirmations on which ones are?

As far as announcements go, I don’t know.

But from the code, Malkavian, Setites, Nosferatu and another clan #(I think), would probably added.


Me too!

Hey, at least we get Giovanni/Hecata! (Lasombra’s a nice bonus).


and @Ron_Faller The author said on Twitter he’s working on Nosferatu, Giovanni/Hecata, Lasombra, and Ministry/Followers of Set. I haven’t seen him tweet about Malkavians specifically, but I know there’s an option to be Caitiff and pretend to be Malkavian. Here’s the latest update on his writing.

In any case, I’m excited!! Whenever we get updates, I buckle in for the ride. :grin: :oncoming_automobile: :vampire:


Yeah, no plans to do Malkavian.


Probably for the best. It’s gonna be too difficult for Kyle especially since he’s working on the sequel of Pon Para.

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The thrall achievement I’m trying to find a walk-through but cannot find one and even on the forum nobody has given me any answers The reason I would like a walk-through is because I am visually impaired any help would be appreciated because that is the last one I need to accomplish I have done 24 out of 25 any help would be highly appreciated thank you sorry for being such a bother but it sucks completing 24 out of 25 and just not getting that last one​:drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood:

  1. Pick to play as a banu haqim, julian’s ur sire and you drank his blood
  2. Choose to romance julian
  3. Go with julian’s plan to teleport reresmous and choose his blood for the reward.
  4. Go through with the 2100x plan in the final mission, have good or higher relationship with him and drag him away for hanky panky time, you’ll end up drinking his blood for the third time.
  5. Congrats you are now bloodbound :partying_face:

Can you be more specific on three points for me when you say romance Julian what do you mean I understand about playing in the bedroom and also when you say help Julian teleport where mouse can you be more specific on that one and how do you get him to let you drink from him a second time The reason I’m asking these questions is because I am visually impaired and my VoiceOver doesn’t read all of the text or it’ll miss key words thank you for your assistance

Oh aight sorry, to initate julian’s romance during the time he visits you the 2nd time (after you completed all the first 3 missions) walk over to him and pick to hold his hands and have good or above relationship.
When lettow and julian are arguing which plan to take ask julian what cainite powers he can teach, then go with his plan to teleport reresmous choose to learn his blood disciplines, make sure that you don’t already have dominate or else you won’t be able to suck his blood because he can’t teach you more.

I want to make sure I have everything correct because I’m really tired of restarting the game when I screw up I guess that’s why y’all made it playable more than once but it’s fun nonetheless and it also gives people who are interested in playing vampire the TTRPG a taste of what it’s like before they start

does it matter if you do the missions for Julian or the camarilla I mean
the first three as long as you accomplish them and thank you for your help
this helps a whole lot because with my voiceover not reading everything I’m
not sure if I’m doing it correctly and besides I’ve completed 24 out of 25
so let me get this straight so I can make sure I get it after you’ve
completed all three missions the second time you see Julian you walk over
you take his hand then when him and the prince are arguing you ask him
what he can teach you without learning dominate through experience points
because it won’t work make sure your relationship with him is good or
above and then when you’re in the last chapter you will go along with his
2001 plan then you do a little bit of playing after he gives you the
coordinates to where to meet him do I have that correct or did I miss