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Just my opinion, of course, but I think it did (I got to play it and got the full release for being on her Patreon). The game is amazing, start to finish, and it’s damn fun. The art is incredible, the story is great, and the LIs are a blast. I just can never play it without going for Arshem, lol. I am hoping she does DLC that will let us romance Ivar, because I’ve got a thing for him, even if he is a blond!

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A bit of self-promo can’t hurt. :grin:

Link Here.

Still in devlopment. This is just the Kickstarter. No idea about the price yet.


Oh, is it almost finished? Can we get a heads up on the price?

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Hi everyone!

Issue #15 of the news bulletin is out now,

Sorry it’s a little later than usual but with Amare Fest wrapping up, it’s been a little chaotic.

This was a bit of a light week in terms of Amare news but there are some cool new DLCs and game updates to look at so have a look through the issue to see what’s going on in the Amare game sphere for the last two weeks.

See you next issue!

~Amare News Team


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Ok, drop everything and give Favor a try! Episode 2 has just been released, and it felt illegal to play it for free, even if it is in an appetizer stage.



  • Choices ? There is no shortage of them, personality-wise and relationship-wise, I was quite satisfied.

  • Customization ? Both your room ( which comes with little easter eggs ) and character are customizable, the amount of details put into them is mind-blowing, for a second I thought I was playing a decorating or a dress-up game.

  • The art ? I never saw so many visuals in one episode, practically most of the characters’ feelings/ emotions are drawn/ shown ( a character is feeling sick and has the need to puke ? There is face for that. They are ignoring you in favour of their phone ? You can see it ). I don’t know why but this is something that stood out to me, because It’s rare to see such a comprehensive portrayal done in other VNs ( I know they are time consuming and costly ) except for three or four emotions, and for the rest you get to imagine through words. The art itself is also incredibly well-executed; I found myself saving at every new emotion Z expressed.

  • The UI and the way you can interact with it ? Chef’s kiss.

  • And most notably, the main romance involves a yandere/demon, which is quite the intriguing combination. Nothing can possibly go wrong…But also, love me some confident yandere. You should go and pay them a visit. Don’t worry he doesn’t bite… too hard.


I’m so glad that we have control who the other LIs to pair up with. Having known that Damon and Alisa will pair up if I play other routes made me lose interest in the VN and stopped reading already together. Time to get back to it soon!


I’ve played through Damon and Vexx’s routes (and started Cal’s), and it’s pretty good.

The romance feels a bit shallow, though, because it’s basically cut and paste for most of the scenes, with the LI name changed. There is a tiny bit that changes based on the LI, but it’s not much. If you play just one route, it’s great. When you start playing the others, it’s like… meh. Still good content, though, and my MCs want to smack the hell out of the sister at times.

On the other hand, I tried the newest update of College Craze and it’s awesome. The newest stuff is behind a paywall on Patreon, but you can play up through chapter 3 for free, I think. At first, I thought it was just going to be a smutfest (and it can be, if you want to play an unapologetic sex fiend), but there is actually an overarching story that is good, an unidentified yandere stalking you (and he’s, umm, interesting…), a bff (or ex bff) who is having some issues, and a whole host of LIs, including your roomie’s boyfriend, your bff from before, your boss at a cafe, a bunch of rich dudes, some dads (one of which is all kinds of hot), and your professor.

You can only play as a female, and most of the LIs are male, but there is at least one female (there may be more, but I never play those, so who knows). The game is a blast, though, and well written. The art is awesome, too. But, warning, it is for mature (well, older than 18, lol) audiences only. And don’t play it at work unless you want to get sued or canned!

After work, I need to get back to playing Bewitching Sinners. And, btw, there will be a DLC with an Ivar route, for those of you who are like me and wanting a piece of Ivar…


The game is in early access on Steam, for those that use Steam.


The Wedding Kickstarter is live!


Hi everyone!

Issue #16 is out!

This month we have several game jams that ended right around the release of this issue. We are slightly changing up how we announce and handle game jam games so you’ll find a new page at the end of the bulletin highlighting a few randomly pulled game jam entries!

There are also some other exciting new game announcements and releases as well as a couple of new KSs. So make sure to check them all out as well.

See you next issue!

~Amare News Team

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For those of you who haven’t seen it yet:


This is from the author of Blooming Panic (which I had never played until last night when I had a horrible bout of insomnia), and I freaking love this game. And I love Odxny (the one and only LI)! At first, I thought I did something wrong, but then got the love end with him. It was so sweet. :heart:

Amusing aside, I felt like I was at work playing the game. I literally deal with SQL databases all freaking day long. The first “assignment” came up and I was like, “what is this? amateur hour? why are you giving me instructions!”. It was funny. Then my husband saw it and walked up and was wanting to play to do the queries. We’re such fucking geeks.

But if you don’t know SQL, don’t worry… the other characters will walk you through it. It’s like a little SQL for dummies class, along with the romance. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the best recommendation I’ve had in ages, I don’t get to do SQL nearly enough. I need to check that game out.

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