Opposed pair not working?

hi! my problem is with opposed pair. the value is not changing and if it is, it’s just wrong?

here’s my code in startup.txt

My code looks like this:

*create Name ""
*create Surname ""
*create Memory 0
*create Acceptance 50


*label accepting1
*set Acceptance %+5

For two years you learned to coexist with ghosts. How to relax around some of them.
*label defiance1
*set Acceptance %-2

this is how it look in the stats file:

opposed_pair Acceptance

with the first choice, the value should be acceptance 55% and defiance 45%, but it shows as defiance 51% and acceptance 49%?
the same problem is with the second choice but it shows defiance 51% and acceptance 49%.

i dont know what do do anymore, so could someone help me? i’d really appreciate it!

It is not opposed pair display problem, you are using a different type of math here. It is fairmath, explained in this article.
If you want to add 5 to 50, you need *set variable +5, not %+5.
If you want to add a small amount of stat so it never goes out of 1-99 boundary, then you use *set variable %+5.


Oh, thank you!

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Question resolved!