"Operation Desert Stealth" (W.I.P.)


“You are a new recruit agent, in a secret agency called the “CORE”. Your first mission is to go to Egypt undercover as a military archaeologist and bring back the plans of a Terrorist Group that is detonating a bomb on the whole European Continent. But that is only the beginning to a very big problem. Can you become the Greatest Agent in the “CORE” and save all of Europe? But be aware, there’s more to it than you expect…”

So guys let me know what you think, and I also need a Game Coder , so let me know if up up for the offer.


Pssh! I save the world twice a day everyday :stuck_out_tongue:


you can’t be bad? and you can use poison? but it’s a original theme to a cog




Hey plz tell if u r up for game coder


@blaze007 it’s almost impossible find a code for all game why don’t try to code yourself? I’m still learning but the basic is easy and people is really helpfull


cool game idea cant wait to see the demo


I help with coding for tons of people but I think i could teach you faster, I taught a friend in 2 days


You have no idea how close this is to a project I started just a week ago. Anyways, it sounds cool, I’ll check it out when I see a demo.


I think it’s a good game, I can’t wait for the demo. I wonder how this game will go. But it sounds good. Good luck with it.


Thnx for the offer, let me know when ur gonna star teaching me


@2Ton when r u goin to start teaching… :confused:


Man, we need a easier tutorial, something for the people who have never programmed before. And it anyones willing maybe something like ‘how to set gender’ of ‘end scene’.


well wiki isnt so bad is only is dificult follow the index sistem and code is really dificult to explain


CS_closet’s tutorial is pretty easy to follow

Honestly you’re gonna have to play with it for a bit before you really get a hang of the simple things like making choices and stats.


@trollhunterthethird, i have seen ur art work. I also need Artwork designer,if u r interested plz PM me. /:slight_smile:


@trollhunterthethird, i have seen ur art work. I also need Artwork designer,if u r interested plz PM me. /:slight_smile: