Open Season Legend Guide?


Really curious if Open Season has a legend guide? Got all the DLC and what not, and even net a Legend point of like 88, but nothing unlocks.


There isnt one this time round.


That’s a shame.

Given the nature of this series, a lot of ‘Legend’ choices can be extremely esoteric. Even back in the Prodigy days which relied on you hating your sidekick irrationally.

I’ve gotten to 94 on a recent run, but it’d be nice to see how you get a Perfect Legend achievement.
Also sometimes this entry can be pretty vague at times. Mind you that’s like life, but when I’m trying to represent a certain pathway like 'Role Model; I often find myself trying to figure out which of six choices fit within this context. And some are ‘fake’ choices with no impact beyond flavor.

And then there’s decisions like staying with the Magnuspiral. If you stay, certain attributes go up, but then you become this super ‘assured’ individual for a long time in the game. I couldn’t find a choice that could offset that, when I really wanted to express myself as an adaptable Role Model.

Or it’d be nice to have a save system. It’d be ‘gamey’ but who doesn’t like turning the page back on a CYOA?
At least that way I could go full-bored and see the impact of each choice as I make it.