One Sentence Short Stories

To celebrate the end of NANOWRIMO (and for those of us that can’t manage even one month of sustained writing) let’s all do our best to write a complete short story in one sentence!


She dreamed, once; of a man in another world.


These can be fun. I like doing the two sentence supershorts on the various subreddits for those.

She almost missed its relentless, mindless pursuit; now she was alone, and that was worse.

He thrust his fists against the posts until at last he joined the ghosts.

All it took was one tiny flea to turn the village into a graveyard.

They embraced, and talked of better times.


They wept, for death shed no tears.


A father stood at his son’s tomb and wailed, at last died by his own hands.

It was just another Christmas like any other; but this time, no fire.


Once upon a time I wrote 5 word stories on my blog (take that, pseudo-Hemingway).

But the joke was that the titles were sometimes like 100 words long… Most of them were not good but I quite like this one:

Reported Final Words of Immortal God-Empress Minre Jo, Conqueror of Half the Known Universe and Destroyer of the Rest, upon Being Asked by Her Assassin if She Repented any of Her Crimes.

Only forging you, my love . . .


Oh boy, that sounds so much like one of my opening lines!

“Look, new kid, you’re new here, and you’ll eventually figure out how they treat new meat here, so I want you to take some grandpa advice from this old geezer and be careful.”

“Look, do you see that couple over there? Hah! Even if you don’t see it, you will know it sooner or later. Words, not birds, convey the news quickly here, so be sure to protect your guard now! Better yet your arse! Ha ha ha ha!”

“They call that quiet and nerdy-looking man Hannibal The Cannibal; Here’s some advice for you: According to some rumors, they emphasize that the guy doesn’t like being told to his face, and it is also said that the guy has sharp hearing abilities. Better useful if you ask me. But how do I know, you have to see it — no, witness it with your own eyes. Heh heh”

:woozy_face: I’m shy, this is my first short sentence posting


“I can’t wait for my birthday on September 11th!”


I have one from a while ago that I remember.

You feel the air in front of you,it’s too dark to see… instead it isn’t air…it’s skin.

I found a really good one, on Buzzfeed:

Out of sheer boredom, I turned on the radio in my kidnapper’s basement — only to hear that he had been arrested the day before. I thought they were still searching for me, but then I heard my own voice saying how glad I was to finally be found.
—[u/KangarooDense](Reddit - Dive into anything)


The author finally typed those hallowed words they desired the most, “The End”.


Forgot about NANOWRIMO this year, again.

i love this, it’s so beautiful.

also super descriptive titles for 5 word stories sound really interesting, may i ask for a link to your blog :0 ?

As he stumbled drunkenly to lean against the grave, he looked to the sky as two words pierced his dried lips; I’m home.


As the last rays of sunlight dipped below the horizon, the lone puppeteer packed away his marionettes, their painted faces forever frozen in twilight.

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Only the sky and the earth are deserving of your love now, so I will remain somewhere between them, praying for you from afar.


Wow that’s dark @hustlertwo! I’m getting major black death vibes with that story.

Don’t remind me, why is this run in November again? (Arguably one of the busiest months of the year?) Anyway in recognition of my game that I had wanted to release a full beta of by the end of Nov…

“Think carefully before you disturb the spirits for there is only one way it can end; or perhaps several given it’s interactive fiction.”


Now I’m wondering if I should try to do it in June or July, because that’s generally when I have most energy. :thinking:

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Because the writing gods are cruel and mean spirited.

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