One Sentence Short Stories

I walked through the gentle colours of spring, the peaceful storms of summer, the radiant harvests of autumn, and the fervent strength of winter in search of the most beautiful day in the year, until I found the answer when I returned to see you waiting for me.


They stood over the cliff, standing over the endless sea that stretches past the horizon, the cliff edge precariously jutting out before vanishing into the abyss, watching the aerial fortress slowly sink into the ocean, and, with a heavy heart, wondered aloud, “Why must humans fight against robots… and why must robots fight amongst each other…”.

They do have Camp NaNoWriMo, which runs in April and June!

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One heart stopped beating, but two lives were over.


And as the creature charged, he thought; No, it hadn’t stopped my fate at all: because Death had never been the rider. It was the horse.

^excerpt for one of my WIP novels; not one sentence, but. Y’know. (Working title is “Something Wicked This Way Rides”, but I’m not sure about that one at all, shdfniskdjf.)

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The tragedy, not of death, but life.

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“BOY I SURE DO LOVE EATING THIS ICE CREAM” said the boy as I snuck up behind him with a baseball bat with the intention of smashing his ice cream cone with a baseball bat

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Yes, they had taught the gorilla sign language; but not Latin.

Only the moon remains, guarding a sea of bodies on a dead planet.


I uploaded the WIP first chapter of the first game in my planned eight part series to Dashingdon.



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No one ever found out who had shot phimseto, they were just glad they actually found the body.

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Millions cried out in anguish at the video of the gorilla’s impassioned final plea – the one I cut together from clipped footage in Adobe Premiere Pro for clout because if I couldn’t get this god damn gorilla to actually put a sentence together in sign language after I spent half my life telling people I could totally do it then by god I was going to make people think I succeeded anyway.


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