On The Run [UPDATED 1/23/2019] [not being worked on anymore, at least for now]

So, i got a new better idea… so this is on hold for who knows how long.

I’ll probably work on this for an hour everyday, maybe more if i feel like it.

Name Changed to ‘On The Run’ from popular vote from a poll on post 19.

My Schedule

Sunday: Can’t work on it because the library is closed.
Monday: Can work on it 10:00AM-9:00PM - MTN(GMT-07)
Tuesday: Can work on it 10:00AM-9:00PM - MTN(GMT-07)
Wednesday: Can work on it 10:00AM-9:00PM - MTN(GMT-07)
Thursday: Can work on it 10:00AM-9:00PM - MTN(GMT-07)
Friday: Can work on it 10:00AM-9:00PM - MTN(GMT-07)
Saturday: Can work on it 10:00AM-5:00PM - MTN(GMT-07)

Game info:

5 Family’s

The Crown Family: Werewolves

The Smith Family: Vampires.

The Raven Family: Shadow like entities.

The Blood Family: Demons.

The Wraith Family: Ghost like creatures.

This game takes place in 1867, in a city called ‘Trinity City’. Technology is very advanced, but only available to the rich(20% of the population(worldwide)). Technology became heavily advanced in 1743 when a person invented the ‘Computer’ but it cost a lot of money, so only the rich could afford this advanced technology. The Main Characters Family just happens to be in the top 20% of the population that could afford these luxuries. There is a war going on somewhere. The MC just turned 16 and has a couple human friends that don’t know(or fully know) that the MC is not human, but all changes when the MC finds himself/herself cornered by a couple bullies and ‘accidentally’ kills them, so the MC has to go on the run(with his/her friend who was there) while monster hunters and a government agency, tries to hunt them down.

other info/random stuff
Each family has ability’s and such, that can help them.

I’ll try to implement a way to pick your personality because I find not a lot of games have a personality choice.

rambling i just c&p 2 times now

Probably not a lot of romance if none at all, because I feel more inclined to make this badass with less “I love you” and shit, if you got a problem with that then to bad, I couldn’t care less, or maybe I could care less… who knows… anyway if i stop being a lazy fuck and actually make this I hoped I can make this a never ending story because personally I hate when good story’s come to an end abruptly… so it might end with the MC’s death at old age or something, or at MC’s sons/daughters death of death of age(if I add romance). Anywho that’s my story I decided to come up with on the spot… so yea might change it but probably not. Lot of blood and combat, death, maybe loss of sanity who knows I’m not that sane myself so, it could become anything from mildly gruesome to horrifically gross and stuff, so be warned that’s all I really need to sleep now problem gonna copy and paste this on the fourm tomorrow, well I guess if your reading this I posted it. Yay.

DashingDon Link: https://dashingdon.com/go/3608


  • Start of story semi-completed.
  • You can now choose your personality
  • Choosing your gender… only Male and Female.
    new updates:
    I forgot…

Word Count:
Including Command Lines: 1534
Excluding Command Lines: 1295
Characters: 10410

Previous WC:
Including Command Lines: 1417
Excluding Command Lines: 1189
Characters: 9584

I’m back after like 2 years, and decided to say this instead of just disappearing out of nowhere, I have no further plans to work on this story anymore, I’m sorry but I really can’t care enough to work on stuff like this anymore, again sorry if you liked this, but as I’ve been gone for 2 years I’ve matured and I don’t think I can continue this story the way I had planned back then, and also due to be not having the same mindset anymore, if I where to work on it again, I’d have to change a bunch of stuff about it, and I really couldn’t care about doing that, so I guess goodbye.


Every clan had an edgy/badass name while the vampires get…Smith.
Lmfao rip.


yea… if you want me to change it i can.

An interesting premise so far.

As for romance, go with your gut and if you feel the story doesn’t lend itself to romance, then go for it! Make a badass story and let it stand on that! :sunglasses:

Some of my favorite HGs don’t feature romance as a prominent pillar of the game, but I nonetheless enjoyed them because they were awesome at being their own thing!

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… There’s nothing in the game so far! There isn’t even a choice command. Are you sure this isn’t still an Interest Check thing?


I’m gonna name my MC. Jerry Smith


Then you would be a vampire…

Yes, I just got to the naming part… tomorrow I will work on it

Woah I love it amazing good action and being on the run it’s good

Oof it seems just like how my typical converstaions with girls that I like go. On the matter at hand, I like the story idea so far and hoping to see the prologue to give atleast some useful feedback.


Seems like it could be an interesting read…

Oh forgot… there is a choice command… it’s after you type your name in…

BTW to make a string all capital letters use two exclamation marks.


Oh thanks… it was bugging me.

The premise seems interesting, but right now the game is too short for me to say whether I like it or not… sorry.

You can try changing it to Smite… or Hunter… or King… those were just the first ones to pop into my head…

so i have begun the journey on coding in the rest of the prologue… very tedious indeed…

and i think the good hour i worked on it is good enough for today… TOMORROW I WILL WORK ON IT AGAIN…

Also does anyone wanna guess what or who that mysterious voice is?

Should that mystery voice play a role in the story later on?

  • Yes
  • No

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What should the title of the game be?

  • On The Run
  • Running From Mistakes
  • These are lame… I’ll suggest you some titles

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So is there like any hierarchy between the families regarding their dominion over Trinity or are they all having an equal share?
(I’m a sucker for mafia movies so maybe that prompted the question :eyes:)

Also since our fam is like super rich they should have enough influence to cover up the murder right? :speak_no_evil:


Your floating in darkness…

The last thing you remember is a fist flying towards your face…



a part

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