On The Run: help and ideas needed

ok i have been working on this game for a while in secret have spent about 2 weeks on it and am not far at all. well this time i am reading my writing over and over again to make it perfect i have notice some improvement in my writing not a lot though. i need some help and ideas for the game. plz help!!!

ok first of all i need i need to know wat the man who fights for the person that is guilty in a court called?? don’t know much bout courts


Well technically a defense attorney

thanx just wat i needed the word wouldn’t come to my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup anytime

What is the game about?

Well, defense attorney, the title, it’s beginning to add up…


here is what the game is about:
you are a teenager that is wanted for a crime he never committed. And u have no prove that u din’t commit it. So until then u have to get used to the ways of the criminals

you also get to choose if u want to stay as a nice guy or turn into a fulltime criminal

should i give a choice for you to like make a gang and stay as a gangster

YES plz we need that option, do you realize how much fun that option can be?!

yeah but i will have to make a whole different story but i will make that option :-bd

Im a lawyer well sort of… Just finished university. It will be funny see your law job

As a lawyer who plays Skyrim, you should teach the Whiterun guards a thing or two about law @MaraJade lol.

Why whiterun exactly i think solitude are worse, and the windhelm… They are so lazy to not pick aretino or the serial killer but if you touch a chiken they start to run like mad trying to kill you… :-bd Skyrim guard rule 1 protect the chikens

Lol yes the chickens are our source of strength!!!

Rule 2-duty patrol shouting for himself if they are the dragon born

Rule 3- always say the exact same thing, Hey, I know you!!!
“Nooooooo, you don’t”