Omnibus App reviews

I’ve just gotten my first game on the app, but I’ve been a longtime reader since choice of Dragons was initially released- and I have to say- I’m a bit disappointed with the app so far…

Part of what I loved about the games when they were released independently was the fact that you could play them offline (because I travel a lot it’s nice to have the interactive stories to keep you busy while on a plane, or in a different country without any service.) However- with this version that seems to be impossible, as you can’t even go from one chapter to another - or even check character stats without a connection to WiFi.

I may just be ranting- but I decided I wanted to post on here to see what everyone else thought/thinks of the app (good and bad reviews included!)

(Also I posted this specifically referring to I, cyborg- as I just realized there was a omnibus hosted games post too, so I’m not sure how different of a topic this will make!)


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