Poll: Omnibus App

The omnibus App has been forced upon us by Apple. We are two months into using it and I’d like to know what the community thinks about it, starting with this poll. Suggestions and complaints have been made in another thread. This is merely about usage stats and current opinions on the state of the app.

So, have you downloaded the omnibus app yet?

  • Downloaded and used. It’s great.
  • Downloaded and used. It does a job.
  • Downloaded. It needs a lot of work.
  • Not downloaded yet.
  • I don’t have an Apple Store account.

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It’s growing on me. But I also had so many COGs on my phone that I was setting up folders to sort them all.

I’m much happier now that it can unlock previously bought games. I think the UI could use work, but I know it’s still in development so I’m forcing myself to be patient. I appreciate the COG staff are doing their best to comply with the dictates of our evil overlords.


I wish it was rolled out to the other major app stores too. (Amazon/Google Play).

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This has nothing to do with the poll question asked but just wanna say I’m proud of all the Android users out there.


Bite your tongue. Bite it!


At first I was against it but now I like it. :smiley: In fact I’ve already gotten rid of those standalone apps that are also available in omnibus apps. I don’t have space issues but I’m trying to reduce the amount of apps and games on my phone, and the omnibus apps are perfect for that. Though I wish all CoG and HG games are available in their respective omnibus apps, not just a selected few. And HG omnibus app needs a new updated icon.