Just wanted to rant a bit and get this off my chest. Anyone else wish we could download games for no internet using? I live in Tennessee where the internet depending on which town I go to is hit or miss. Anyone else have this problem? I wish we could download the games.


What do you mean? For a desktop? Because you can download the games to your phone as an app.


Lol they mean that they could download games without having to have the internet.

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Sorry I meant I use the omnibus app too but I would like to download games in there as well. I remember back before the app came out you could download and play the individual games without needing the internet

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I do. And I also really miss the days when I could open the CoG apps on my Android phone and start a new game even without a live internet connection. I read them a lot less than I used to, in part because of this.


Omnibus does download games for offline play though (at least on iOS), they just don’t like staying downloaded for whatever reason. It seems to work for me if I play only one game at a time, though. (I mean, download it first, then switch to offline.)

I wish the would go back to the old way of selling individual apps instead of just using the Omnibus. Or at least that app was better organized as far as the library’s and user interface goes

You’ll have to explain this to me, because I’ve been playing everything on steam for the last few years. Do games not release on the App Store and Play Store anymore? That was always how I used to play them before things started moving to steam. With the exception of games that were free with ads, I had no problem playing them offline.

I’ve tried using the Omnibus app a few times, but it always seemed like kind of a mess, so I never went back. I still have Lords of Aswick on my phone though, and that’s my go-to offline game when I’m away from my PC.

They do still release them but now everything is through the omnibus app. The older ones before the app you can still download individually but after the app came out it’s all on that on iOS

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Just found this game on the Play Store as a standalone app. :person_shrugging:

That’s the newest release, I’m pretty sure.

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Steam must be the exception then I usually just play on iPhone

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I’m on Android right now lol. That was the Google Play store. I’m sure an iPhone user could see if they could find it on the App Store though.

I am noticing, however, that there isn’t a link to the App Store or Play Store on the post. I had to manually search that to find it. That’s an oversight, for sure.

All CoG and HG games are released as individual apps, with the exception of two short CoG games that are omnibus exclusives. Only HC requires you to buy games through the omnibus.


That was what I thought. Didn’t know Heart’s Choice was exclusive, but I don’t play many of their games anyways. :sweat_smile:

They probably should do something about not having all the links on the posts though…

@moderators I know it’s not your deal, but you probably know whose it is.

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When you click the link to Don’t Wake Me Up, on that page, we link to all of the apps at the bottom of the page. Steam, App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. (Or you can just play right there on the web.)

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I clicked the first link I saw and it took me straight to the game, presumably through the website? If there was a link to the App or Play Store, it wasn’t obvious. Unless I’m just an idiot, which is entirely possible.

Just checked all links and they all either go directly to the game through the website, or to the game’s page on the website. :person_shrugging:

I saw a “Show Full Post” button, but it just added a bit about a link to another thread.

When you play a game on omnibus, (iOS or Android), as far as I know, you can turn on airplane mode and play the game without going online.

Do you know how to reproduce this?

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Ooooooh. You meant once you’re already in the game.

Feels like maybe an unnecessary step? Perhaps? If it were me making these, I’d just lay out all the links to all the places like you guys used to do.

Thanks, Dan. I play on individual apps on Android, not through the omnibus. For years now, when I’ve tried to open the apps without a live internet connection, I’ve gotten a blank screen.

Just tried again and was very happy to discover that any CSG I’ve opened in the past several months is now working even offline – but when I try to open ones I bought and downloaded a while back and haven’t had time to read yet, like Wraiths of Sentinel or Faerie’s Bargain, I get just the title:

Even that’s a step up on my previous experience, of a totally blank screen when I open the apps without a live connection…and if I only have to open them once when online, and can thereafter play them offline, that’ll work.

I’d assumed the only-working-online was intentional, so hadn’t reported it as a bug.



“Omg! We have words! Are you seeing this? It has words now!”

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