So, the app for these games won't work on my iPod

I have the app for some of these games on my iPod. Older games I’ve purchased work fine. But the newer app that’s all the games in one app won’t work anymore when ever I step away from my home wifi. And this very much defeats the purpose of having these games, as they’re something to do when I’m away, or when I have a moment at work. Does anyone know of any way to fix this?

The Choice of Games “omnibus” app is designed to work without Internet access. The first time you start playing a game (which must be online) you’ll see a pop-up message, “Game downloaded. You may now play this game offline.” After that, you can turn off wifi, and the game will play normally.

Yeah, it says that, but it never works when I leave my house.

Try ye 'olde classic solution: reinstall
But you might lost your progress, though. Continuing it may require you to input the email you were asked before.

When you say it “never works,” that doesn’t give us a lot to go on. What exactly happens when you turn off wifi and try to use the app inside your house? (Can you post screenshots of what happens?)