Games not working without WiFi Internet?


Hi I’m having intermittent problems with games not working without a stable WiFi connection on my android phone where they won’t load up, but as soon as you have a WiFi signal they’re fine again. Games like dragon and broasides I understand as they’re add supported, but I was wondering about games like romance and samuri which I have bought but often don’t work when I need them to. Weirdly enough, even though neither of those worked yesterday, champion of the gods worked fine. Even with mobile Internet the games don’t work (although it can be patch/slow and I have a fairly low limit and prefer not to use it) Any suggestions? Thanks


Are they the app version of the games, or are you playing them through a browser? If you’re using a browser, you don’t load the whole game at once. If the game tries to go to a new scene and doesn’t have internet connection, that messes things up. Not sure what the problem is if you’re using the app versions, though.


It’s the app version, so yep should work I think


I had this problem today with the samari of hyuga one too. I was going to buy it but ended up not doing it as the app kept force closing without Internet connection. (Using the app off of google play). I don’t stream the net through my phone when I read, so having it force close before I could even get through the demo was disappointing.


Yep I have the same problem with Hyuga. I haven’t had the issue with any others before now. I had assumed it was an issue with Hyuga alone. But I didn’t pick up Champion of the Gods on android so I wouldn’t know if it had the problem too.

This is a rather severe deal breaker for me. So I hope whatever the problem is it is found and resolved.


@Dfabulich @jasonstevanhill

Is this how things should be? It seems odd not being able to play purchased games unless you have an internet connection.


Apps with in-app purchasing all require internet connections.


That’s not the intention and it’s not how it works on my phone, but I can’t speak to Android off-the-cuff.


That doesn’t sound right. None of my apps previously did this regardless.

Checking . . . Knights of Pen and Paper +1 still works fine with or without internet even though it has an ingame shop. If you try and use the in app purchase without internet it just comes back with a ‘user cancelled’ error. Now I have gotten it stuck on one attempt when trying to purchase without net, but the fact is the games loads just fine and runs fine as long as you don’t try to purchase anything with it.


You’d only need the Internet running if the app needs it running all the time. Some games/apps do, others don’t. Most games with ads or in app purchasing are okay with the net not running while on. If you’re not planning to purchase anything yet, you wouldn’t click on any in app things to pay for. (Therefore net not needed).

I’ve never had this problem before with any cog or hog and play with the net off with those as well.

I also re read choice of romance to see if I get the same problem. It has in app purchasing but I played with the net off, that worked okay. I’ve previously paid for the chapters but not the other things like ad removal or unlimited replay without a timer. It’s only happened to me with the Samurai one. :confused:


I checked these today with the internet turned off:
Trial of the demon hunter
Champion of the Gods
Choice of the deathless
Creatures such as we
Heroes rise
Life of a wizard
Monster Master
Psi HIgh
Reckless space pirates
way walkers
way walkers 2
City of the clouds

Force closing:
Choice of dragons
Samuri of Hyuga
Choice of romance


There is an inherent difference between In-app purchasing which unlocks content (Choice of dragons, romance, etc.) and in-app purchasing which equate to “in game currency”.


Not sure what you’re getting at as it’s obvious in both cases you would need the internet running to use “real money” to pay for those things in the first place. My point is for the purpose I was using the app, no net connection was needed.

I wasn’t trying to unlock the content yet on the samurai hog. It wasn’t opening was the problem and it wasn’t playing at all without the Internet connection. Let me make this clear, the demo part wasn’t working. If I try to open the app without a connection the game force closes. And that’s just the demo part.

I didn’t have this problem either with ZE or CoR, both which have the option to unlock other things. Both have demo versions at the beginning. By the look of the samurai thread some other people have had the same problem.


Nods same as Silverstone. I’m not trying to buy something, the game simply won’t open without force closing. I’ve also tried starting the game on a wifi connection so its a few scenes in when i access it offline and that doesn’t help either. I haven’t even been able to open broadsides yet to see the demo as I often try to read these when I don’t have an internet connection. Romance-i bought the game, but didn’t pay to turn the timer off, dragon is add supported, I bought the full game of samuri. Apart from it being annoying for me, if it’s not just my phone, I’d say you’ll probably start getting annoyed reviews sooner or later, so thought I’d bring it up so you know about it and hopefully there’s a not too difficult fix. I just thought it was odd that 2 games I bought closer together (champion and samuri) are behaving differently to each other and there’s both hosted and choice games that are not working…


It is a little frustrating. I too prefer to read these offline. I don’t have that problem for ebooks from amazon or ecomics from comixology. Once downloaded I can read offline. A big plus for me as 1.internet isn’t cheap here. 2.saves my battery as it’s not running in the background. 3. google isn’t sending me “update” nudges. I’m not sure what the purpose would be to have the games net running in the background if someone is playing the demo or a full paid version of a cog/hog when they’re not trying to buy something. Especially when other cog/hog didn’t make it compulsory for the net thing. Is it a glitch of some sort or will the newer cog/hog all need to have the net on in order to prevent force closes? :’(


I have no issues playing any HG or COG on my iPhone without a connection, I just turned on airplane mode to confirm.


Do you have an android or iphone? The issue seems to be with android


Iphone, I have a android device however no cog’s on it.
But that is weird, if you downloaded the ap the content should be on the
device not online.


@dfabulich has identified and fixed the problem. I’m pushing updates for the Google versions of these games right now:



Let us know if this doesn’t fix it.


Updated and checled out CoR and Samurai, both work offline. Yay! Thank you dfabulich and jasonstevanhill :smile: