Samsung Galaxy Note/Older Android Device & OS Users: Freezing Bug?


Hey guys: I had a user with a Samsung Galaxy Note N7100 (released about 2012 I think?) running the most recent they can (KitKat 4.4.2) report games freezing. We’re looking into it on our end, but I’m curious if anyone out there in the wilds has had a similar experience on an older Android?


I’ve a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2012, tablet not a phone and also running as new Android as I can get. What games are they saying are freezing? Is it all the games? Do you want me to try and download something and see if I can get it to crash?


Reports are for Life of a Wizard and Slammed.

Sure, if you can! Can you check and let me know what exactly you’re running on that Note?


Oh they’re pay for games and I don’t gave any money left in my google wallet. :frowning: Sorry thought I did. I seem to be fine on the other games though. I tried the Zombie Exodus games and no crashing. At least quick-playing.

I have been getting more crashes than usual on other games, with their ad-servers, but I don’t think that’d effect those games?

Oh and I’m only Android 4.1.2 it won’t let me update further than that, so not exactly the same.


My Slammed is doing just fine. also my Phone’s OS is 4.4.2.

I don’t know about Life of a wizard though, since i haven’t buy it yet.


Mines 6.01, funnily enough, but I still get freezes and sometimes the game just fails to boot. Other apps are fine, but not CoG ones.

Life of a Wizard does this a bit, occasionally Robots and Samurai of Hyuga 2 and definitely Choice of Kung Fu which absolutely shits itself at the best of times. The original Samurai of Hyuga, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and both Way Walkers games never have. Pendragon Rising has glitched out a bit once, but hasn’t frozen on me yet.

If it’s worth noting, all of these games were bought on Google Play save SoH2, which was off Amazon.