when will we get an omnibus app on android?

as the title says,thanks.

Quoting CoG’s omnibus FAQ:

Will you make an omnibus app for Android (the “Google Play Store”)?

We might make an omnibus for Android sometime in the future, but we don’t have any immediate plans to do that. We’ll continue to release separate apps for Android.

(We’ll have to wait and see how popular the iOS omnibus is before we try it on Android.)


Hopefully never. :wink:


I hope same. If I have to buy in omnibus is a not buy for me


Yupe … hopefully never , seems like omnibus has lot of problem in iOs
This is a chance for Android to stand its own ground :slight_smile:


Another vote for “never” here.


Oh god no. We’re good on the other side.


Another “no” vote for trying to market…or even explain… “Hey I wrote an interactive story, you know, like one of those old Choose your Own Adventure stories, but it’s an app, well actually it’s in-app purchase inside of this larger app called the Hosted Games Omnibus.”


I actually really would like to have it on Android. From my point of view, as a customer, it would be more comfortable to have all games in one app and also omnibus would make search for them easier. Bugs? Well, that happens, but they can be fixed. :thinking: Seems I need to read iOS omnibus thread to understand why people resist so much.

And as I understand omnibus have bind to CoG account. Which is cool feature, because I play from several platforms and e-mail support every time is tiresome for me and I think for support too.


A part of me would like to have it on Android, because it causes less clutter and hopefully the app will use less mb.

The other part of me is not fond of the idea to purcase games (apps) from within another app. What if there is something wrong with the app and we can’t access it, then we also can’t access the games (our purchases). It’s not that I cannot wait for it to be fixed, but it just makes me uneasy not to have my purchases “on hand” and I just like to be able to play whenever I want.

As an author, I don’t like Omnibus apps because reviews for individual games become a thing of the past. For example, I have 124 reviews for The Magician’s Burden on Android and none on Apple, because it’s part of the omnibus.

Granted, none of my games have very good reviews anyways, but when my WIPs like Mass Mother Murderer get released, I wouldn’t want them to be hidden in an omnibus on the two most popular platforms.

Now, I think CoG has actually done a good job with the omnibus, and I know they were forced to make one, but I just think it has inherent flaws.


I wondered about that–so there’s no place for reviews in the omnibus right now? That’s too bad.


It works like hell. It is intrusive and a pain in the ass when actualize I know it because my dad has a iPhone. And I don’t want to be forced to give my data and receive adds from an app company different from Cog.

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Yep me too. It annoys me having to keep extra stuff on limited phone memory instead of just downloading exactly what I want. I suspect it’s also easier to find ratings and comments when they’re separate too. I’m not a fan of another app I have that’s an omnibus on my phone (but there’s no other option so I’ve had to get that app that way.)
(Edit: Anyone notice not one author has replied yet with- yes android omnibus for the win!)


With the current Android system, can you set up folders manually to group your purchases together? ( I only know Steam and IOS formats with CoG purchases.)

Only on smartphone’s desktop. Though in Google Play’s library they will be still separate.

It wouldn’t surprise me if an omnibus in some form would be bad for authors and good for readers.

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What problems are those?

We’re going to implement a review system inside the omnibus.


Well… i had notice that, for the past few weeks regarding the delay of some games, it had to do with omnibus? :slight_smile:

Hmmm. No, not really. I think the last time we had an issue with a Choice of Games iOS release was actually the last standalone app we did, which was Open Season, back in April. Hosted Games sometimes get moved/pushed for reasons, but not really because of the Omnibus.