Older development thread (The Aegis Saga - Blood)

Number 4’s first act is showing their butt to the world… Please don’t be me.


If it’s exposing a private part, it’s a smut dragon. No worries, @Zilla.


Mara is clearly first looking all sneaky way before exit 4 Is clearly our smuty dragon in a Scottish butt posture

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Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Was going to post a link to this one becos it had unnexpected hunks. . . but, just no. .

Tình Rồng | Dragon Love Song - LONG TRAN feat. JAI

EDIT - if only all this energy could be channelled into something creative :smirk:


Ooh…pretty purple glowing egg.

It’s not me. :joy:

I probably hatch from inside a mushroom. :mushroom:


Being able to skip the prologue is really useful for testing purposes. I just restarted the game thrice to see if a dialogue changed depending on gender and if I should give you trouble for it. :monkey:

  • During the option to choose your name (as a male character, in any case) you wrote “Yhe horned bull.” instead of “The horned bull.”

  • When you bring the bell to the dog, there’s a big where she slobbers all over your face. One of the options says “I want run and play.” Also, the same option will send you to a blank page with only “You ty something, then.”

I could swear Ewan was overweight, but I don’t think he’s described like that anymore? Are you hunkfiying him?

  • ““That women there,” he gestures dismissively at the woman lying wounded and unmoving upon a stretcher, “is Cur Leofstan”.” Woman.

I really enjoyed chapter 2. I’m excited to play more.


Thanks for this really useful feedback @trinnie. I was getting sleepy proofing chapter six - so I can take a look at these before I go to bed.

You’re awesome


When you’re back, d’y’mind clarifying if this was an issue or not? I’m not sure I completely follow it :confounded: Sorry!

I cannot sleeping, I am starting to have sleeping problems again. So I thought about your game here in bed. About Ria and the royal mommy. One of them is my character’s parent. If I were you I should do a bonus stuff for IAP or something that changes who your character is randomized it, and if you are mommy child a prologue from his perspective
My personal bet 99% Ria and the detective widower. He is dead already, No way he could express that knowledge. Of course my character would try to convince him to drop the ball. Look, If you want the best for Kos, just let me become a princess.


You lot should check out @Lglasser’s choicescript tutorial:

They’ve done a really thought through section on different CS design structures - there are some on here that I hadn’t even thought about. . .


Forum thread:


Yes, It’s a great tutorial, It could be so useful to me years ago. It’s even useful now when I even have a mistake. However, I don’t code same way It is posted there. So It is not the only way to code, even if it is probably neater. I tend to use fake_choice as a normal choice to use of ifs with *goto inside because of the size of a mobile phone screen. If I did so big code branches My lines and spaces in my text editor would mixture it and make it impossible to code. So I recommend people that experiment with code finding what is easier for them after learning the basics.

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Unfortunately, my beta testing of the chapter return function ran up against a fairly substantial issue:

I didn’t spot that the chapter return mechanic was working but running only in the stats screen


    1. you could no longer check the stats, and
    1. when you clicked the stats button ‘return to game’ it returned you to the original point in the story when you’d first used the chapter return function.

But this morning I think I may have found a workaround (not perfect) but functional.

So it looks like the chapter return feature will be included in the beta after all.


I don’t know, I just don’t want to return really , I am role-playing so to maintain the flow I don’t go returning. However, it would be useful for most of people

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I think most of us on the forum prefer not to :relaxed:

It’s more there for people who are new to choicescript

I do like your idea about the randomized determination. I’m still thinking about it, it could work as a bonus potentially. . . I think I’ll have to get the beta out. Then once testers have had a chance to read to the end we should talk about how the story can be improved :blush:

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I feel ya, sleep is the worst. Take knockout medication and risk oversleeping or lie awake is often the refrain of my life too.

Let’s just say I’m not gonna bet against you on that.

I don’t know becoming a dashingly handsome adventurer archaeologist (and potentially discovering what the deal is with the corrupted magic) might be fun too.
Then again if it would mean having to become a cistern diver well…

Someone has watching so much Enchanted or Indiana Jones, lol. My character hates wilderness and dreaming about courts balls, intrigue and poisoning. She would try to be charming for the real child if she could not be chosen.

Guilty as charged. :sweat_smile:

My characters tend to be rather bad at sucking up though.


I should really finish reading the uploaded chapters so I can understand what on earth (or Eris) you people are talking about. hahaha :sweat_smile: Or have you guys just veered away from the topic?

Does your character hate snakes as well? haha

Dear GODS ! ! !

I’ve been trying to create a workaround for *goto_scene not working for the stats screen for TWO HOURS

and it turns out all this time I could have been using *redirect_scene

. . . . . . . .