Of Might and Men (WIP)

Hey there, COG community.

Of Might and Men is a WW2 game where you play as a genderlocked male who joins the Navy to fight the Axis powers.
The game begins in your hometown where you steal away to boot camp and join up without parental consent. The story will continue on a ship with your comrades, in the POW camps and so on and so forth. The base story is, however, taken from my WW2 vet grandfathers memoirs and stories, so there will be a mixture of seriousness, (terrible) comedy, expletives, ROMANCE!, etc.

Wherever I am not aware of his experiences, I will fill in the gaps (which is all of the story at the moment). I will try to keep the game historically accurate as possible. This is also the only reason there is not an option to be female.

Now, I am entirely lost when it comes to coding, choicescript included. That’s why I turned to Chronicler. It’s unstable and I hope to switch to ChroniclerV2 the moment it’s released - for now however, it must suffice.

If you’d like to get a feel for it, go here


That was nice. Keep going :grin:

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Will there be a scene where we liberate the concentration camps? When the demo going to end, like are you making the demo all through out the WW2, including the end and victory of Allies?


No, there will not be a scene where the concentration camps are liberated. A majority of navy fighters never got near the camps, as far as I’m aware.

The camps that I do plan on featuring in the story are the Prisoner of War camps - and the general outline for the game will have the character experience the entire war (or at least mid-1942 onward), so there will be a liberation of the POW camps. Which side of the camp you’ll be on is another matter… :wink:


Well, crap. Can our MC die during the whole demo?

I’m on the fence when it comes to dying, but if I end up doing it it’ll be a great way to genuinely make use of the stats/skills.
I suppose I would have to implement a save game system if it comes to that - but saving is certainly not a necessary feature at the moment, haha.


Sounds good and what dose that mean by piano falls on you

I have always wanted a WW2 game from the Axis point of view but still sounds good am going to keep a eye on this.


Im always up for a WWII game, and this sounds great!
Edit: My grandfather served in WWII as well, Im glad this is a story coming from (mostly) the experiences of someone who fought there.

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Thanks! It’s just a little joke to keep you aware that you’ve reached the end. I don’t plan on actually introducing any falling pianos in to the game.

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So have I, ironically. Issue is, I’m depending on my grandfather’s past for an interesting story
But, considering that I am Jewish gives me reason to believe we don’t have any Axis fighters in our family tree.

I’m more than up for a WW2 game!

Keep up the good work
Always waiting for future development
I’ve seen no grammatical errors for now

I liked it a lot! I loved the down-to-earth, humorous tone. It seemed very much in keeping with the 1940s setting. I would love to see more. I hope you’ll continue working on it-- it seems very different from a lot of other CoG games, in the best way.


00 magically my brain said Romantically my brain set of the rights of man so I was hoping for a marquee Lafayette even more ambitious French Revolution, but simultaneously love the intimacy behind it,

I actually really dug this WIP. I always appreciate WW2 settings, your tone of writing is ace as well. I really hope this continues!

This WIP is not forgotten. I have been working on it at an upsettingly slow pace (due to school, primarily - but also the disadvantages of Chronicler) though I’m hoping to have something out sometime this week. And thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it.


Please clarify is the story in European theatre or the Pacific theatre

The story will take place in the European theater, including the English Channel, France and POW camps in Germany.

The story was originally based solely on my grandfather who served in the Canadian navy, but to give it a more realistic feel I’ve decided to leave it ambiguous and give the player a decision as to which country you’re fighting for.


Should we expect the Luftwaffe or the kriegsmarine to engage the player.