Of Might and Men (WIP)

The Luftwaffe might be mentioned but your ship certainly will not be fighting any battles against them.

Engaging the Kriegsmarine on the other hand will be a vital turning point in the story, but I don’t want to give away too much.


I really love this game and it’s concept sad I can’t pick the race though​:sob::sob::sob:. Building up more of a backstory could be a good idea. Unless you already planned that for later.

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UPDATED: After two years, I have advanced. The introduction is fully fleshed out and done and is as I had originally hoped it would be. Polished. If you find dirt where there should be polish, let me know.

14 chapters, and one World War (number two, not one) to go.


Thanks to everyone who liked the topic and the update post. I really want to make sure I’m taking the writing style and flow of the story in a good balanced direction. Any feedback with regard to any of the additions (or the entire intro) would be invaluable!

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