Of beasts and humans (Short Demo is Out!)

What in blazes is a dragon grill? or is that supposed to be dragon girl?

And what is an “eldritch-sama”? a witch or sorceress of some sort?

Lamia is a solid choice as well if you need another idea for the final two.


I’m holding out hope for Elder Things, Shoggoths, or Hounds of Tindalos.

I’ve never been good at making decisions, unless it’s about food.

Well Eldritch meaning it could be any Eldritch being, and Sama is a Japanese honorific, it’s kinda like Ms., Mrs., and Mr. but more polite and is used for Teachers I think.

That doesn’t make it sound any less vague. :smirk:


Oh, and I hope the sheep isn’t really a sheep. A lamia or something else disguised as a sheep could potentially be hysterical…

I do like the knightmare idea.

Close but no cigar.

But he’s a guy!

Or in other words. The sheep is a trap




Also technically, most Eldritch beings are actually Aliens, so Eldritch-sama might be an alien.

Favorite alien lady, I wanted to romance her so bad in Mass Effect but Bioware denied me…

I don’t recall them denying you so much as making its consumation fatal…

That’s Samara not Morinth. They made it seem like you could start a romance then snatched it away. I’m a little bitter about that because like I said she is my favorite.


Is the Dragon gonna be “Grrr, I’m a big dragon” or “Grrr, I’m a big dragon” but she really isn’t big.

ah, yes, Samara seems interested and than ultimately turns you down with a half-baked excuse. I can see where you’re coming from on that one.

Well given this group, I’m sure there are many here who will willingly step into that trap.

Now that we know the sheep isn’t secretly a lamia, I’ll second @Prof_Chaos’s suggestion that one of the remaining two be a lamia, or perhaps a marilyth. Same basic body plan, except 6 arms instead of 2.

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Okay this image is a trap

He’s gone too Jafar, amirite? :smirk:

I just made fried chicken for the first time in a year, and the kitchen is filled with smoke…

So three questions:

  1. Assuming the main location is a school does that mean we have to cook in Home Economics?
  2. What type of dragon?
  3. What kind of Neko? Like a kind of house cat, or more of a wild cat? Their species is important to me, as it determines how fluffy they are. :grin:
  1. No school setting, aha. It’ll be a bit more open than that~
  2. She’s a dark dragon, so to speak. Not sure how else I could word that without major intended spoilers.
  3. Probably really fluffy, yes. Species…Winner of a Maine Coon. It helps the pic Zilla used is the color scheme I was going for!