Notepad plus plus

So, I am using Notepad plus plus to do my game book? Would that be the correct term?
Anyway, at the moment I am just flicking between different windows, when I need to make changes in different scenes of the book. Though eventually this is going to get kind of tedious. What do you think would be the best strategy that I would be able to just go in, and open a single document in this program? I’m considering if possible just getting rid of notepad, hopefully forcing all the documents that I have created in note pad to default to Notepad plus plus, or me to default them to Notepad plus plus manually.

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Right click a text file, go to ‘open with…’ and ‘choose another app’, then select ‘notepad++’ and tick the ‘always use this app to open .txt files’ checkbox:


I mean, I guess you could do that… but it would get very long and difficult to bug-hunt through. I usually (and I think most other people that also use Notepad++) make a new document per chapter/scene.

Not sure how you would navigate this non-visually, but for Windows 10 OS, find “default settings” in Settings (can be navigated through Search > Default Apps), then find “Choose default apps by file type.”

Under Name column, find “.txt” extension (text document). Switch its “apps” to “Notepad++,” which should be navigable through browsing your installation directory.

Alternatively, as CJW suggested, you can open the context menu on any “.txt” files (right-click “.txt” files) and navigate to “open with” submenu, selecting “choose another app” in it. Follow the relevant options–which should be self explanatory this point onwards–and don’t forget to check the tickbox on “Always use this app…” option.

If your main peripheral is keyboard (abbr. KB), a quick navigation would be:

  1. Select any “.txt” file
  2. Hit KB context key. The position depends on your KB model.
  3. Hotkey H: Open with
  4. Hotkey C: Choose another app
  5. The next steps would be manual navigation via tabs and directional arrows.

If you don’t want to mess with default setting, then you might want to open a folder as workspace in Notepad++. This will keep all files readily available.

File → Open Folder as Workspace

I am sort of doing that now, I figured out how to open stuff did notepad, but I keep having to select what app I want to open it with. I will probably find the check box at some point.
Also, if I wanted to start writing another choice book, would I be able to create a new start up file and such, or I have to delete the stuff I already have in the current start up, and then right from scratch?

Choicescript works with the files under the “…/web/mygame/scenes/” directory. Knowing that, you can simply move the files of the old game to a separate folder and then create a new startup.txt in that directory.

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