Notepad++ converted all of my tabs to spaces in an entire text file?! (Solved!)


So, I’m getting ready to submit The Magician’s Burden to Hosted Games since it didn’t win the contest. I know it already passed quicktest and I’ve barely touched it since then, but when I ran quicktest, tons of “Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs” errors keep popping up, which is annoying because I never use the space bar for coding. So now I have to painstakingly go through each line of a 35k word scene and change the spaces back to tabs. Has this happened to anyone else?


May or may not help depending on how messed up it is, but there’s an option in Notepad++, under the edit or language menu (or similar, I forget exactly), that allows converting all of one to the other in a file.


Oh, cool! The only thing I’m concerned about is whether that would turn the spaces between narrative to tabs. I’d only need the spaces on coding lines to be turned to tabs, but Idk if that function would distinguish that.


It shouldn’t, but even if it did, you can just CTRL+Z.


It looks like there’s a setting called “Space to TABS (leading)” that changes coding only. Thanks, you saved me a gigantic head ache! :smiley:


That’s the one! No problem :slight_smile: