How to open my game in notpad?

when i click on it it says error scene navigator undefined how do i fix this?

Did you try right-clicking and then “open with” or “edit” (assuming you’re on a Windows PC that is)?

i am on a windows pc but i didnt get any edit computer automatically opened the files with win there a different program i need to download it under

If I may make a recommendation, I’d suggest downloading Notepad++ (the much improved version of Notepad) and then once that’s done, right click the file and hit the “Edit with Notepad++” that’ll now pop up after you download it.

Also, you’re trying to open up mygame.js correct?

i installed it and i still didnt get edit with notpad ++.and yes mygame.js

Ok, how about right-click, “open with…”, and then from that menu selecting Notepad++?

all i have is delete and extract and just the basics you get like print or sort

So you don’t have an “open with” like you see here at all?

Pardon for sounding patronizing or anything of the sort as I ask this, it’s just that since I can see exactly what you’re doing I have to ask, are you first selecting mygame.js by clicking on it once, and then right-clicking?

i get what you see i use programs like this,the pic makes me think it didnt install right.i dont have the same screen as the pic like i normally do.the program opened with win rar, i went to my documents/downloads and i saw the program but when i opened it,it just re opened in win documents i do see open with notepad there but i cant get to mygame to open with.i know its confusing but iam not sure how to install it normally

If you go into your control panel and then into your programs list, do you see Notepad++ there?

i got it. your picture really helped i re extracted in internet and zip and finally got it into documents normally,i dont know what was up with my computer but thanks finally got it working.

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