How do you create another stat button?

Need help badly, on how to create my own, I studied the wiki but my index.html it just opens the game I cant edit anything, and when I go to UI.js I cant find the function its just words piled together in a large mass which makes it almost impossible to find, Need help!

You’ll need to right click-> edit the index.html file, else it’ll just open in your browser, as you said.

I would strongly recommend downloading and using Notepad++ to do this:

But notepad will suffice if necessary, after you’ve got that try the wiki tutorial again.
In notepad++ and notepad there is a search function (press ctrl + F) then type in the function name to find it.

No one is going to do it for you, so please just try your best. Just take it step by step and have a little patience - the function is in there.

what if I cant access my index.html file when I right click it doesnt show a edit option, and is the index.html suppose to have a google chrome logo?

Nvm xD notepad helped! Thank you! Thank you CJW!