I cant open my mygame.js file! help!


Script:C:/Users/Dico/Desktop/ChoiceScript Series 1/web/mygame/mygame.js
Error:‘SceneNavigator’ is undefined
Source:Microsoft JScript runtime error

can anyone help me at this error please? if this is solved i can finish some more details and would appriciate it really :smiley:


We’ll probably need a little bit more information than that, what program are you trying to open it in?


Right click > open with > notepad


CJW i got it already thanks reaperoa when i first opened it it had that error because i ran it with what it was programmed to be opened with tnx


Yea, to my understanding, Windows sees that it’s javascript (a .js file) and defaults to trying to run it (as opposed to editing it with notepad) like it’s a full jscript program in and of itself. It’s not though. It’s just an extension for the html file (index.html), so when when Windows tells Java to try and run it, Java takes one look at it, doesn’t have all the info it needs and basically throws its hands and up and say ‘I don’t even know what this shit is supposed to mean.’ (hence ‘SceneNavigator’ is undefined). Therefore, a pretty much useless error if you don’t already know what you’re doing.


Try downloading Notepad ++. It’s like Notepad, but significantly less sucky.


@bon236 There is no need to get so angry when someone’s just trying to help you.