Scene Navigator Sudden Error?

I know there are at least a few Scene Navigator forums, but most are either older or have been solved to that person’s specific circumstances. I had no problem opening my files using the javascipt until today, months after the last time I touched the files. Suddenly, they just will not open and I get this error
Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: ‘SceneNavigator’ is Undefined
Code: 800A1391
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime eror

I have tried redownloading ChoiceScript and now it asks me if I want to open the file, I say ‘Open’ and it gives me the same message. The last time I touched the files were last fall and they worked fine. I could open them and I haven’t changed a thing. Has Choice Script or Firefox (which it normally pops up in) been updated recently in a way that would mess up the functioning of my files?

IIRC, this was an old problem with regards to mygame.js which is no longer necessary to open. When you first started you game, where you entering stats into mygame.js? Because if so you’re going to do a tiny bit of work to get it compatible with the current version of CS. (Specifically pull the variables from the mygame.js and *create them in startup.)

Here’s the most likely applicable thread I could find.

I had stats in the file provided called choicescript_stats.txt and some variables created at the start of my story (I.E *create blah blah) that corresponded with the variables I’d designed. So now I have to set them up in the startup? That’s one confusing upgrade to ChoiceScript. Also, I redownloaded ChoiceScript and tried to open that one (double clicking mygame.js) without touching the tutorial startup and even that would not work properly.

Mygame.js is no longer something that should be touched in the process of making a game (all of the creating variables stuff was moved to startup to make things simpler). If you’re opening mygame.js now, you’re making things more difficult than necessary (and that’s where things are going wrong now). Instead of declaring variables in mygame.js, just *create them in startup. There is no longer any reason to touch mygame.js (You can see my guide here, which if you’ve used CS before is probably a little on the simple side, but which will walk you through the proper steps to start variables now.)

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I realized today that I never said thank you, so even if you don’t read this, I’'m still going to thank you for the link. Thanks!