Northern Elysium Hotel(WIP)

While I’ve been working on converting my completed story to CS, I thought I would get started on my second story, Northern Elysium Hotel.
This story is quite surreal, and contains horror elements. If you have read my first story (Please do!), the theme will be similar.
I would write more, but I don’t want to spoil anything.
Apologies if this feels stilted; I am very nervous.


Rather than percentile stats, I elected to do a “traits” system where you choose a set number of traits and use those to proceed. Checks are minimal, and the traits mostly affect the text rather than the direction of the story.
There will be 4 romance options, 2 male and 2 female. Happy endings are not to be expected.

Personal Details

This is not my story; the ideas simply flow through me. I am but the conduit.
At night a man came to me as I slept, and bade me write down his tale. I could do nothing but agree. I pray that this story never reaches completion, for he has revealed to me the ending and it shall bring ruin.

It is 8,000 words long, and contains the prologue and a quarter of chapter 1. I know that the people of this forum generally dislike WIPS that end that early and I apologize for this. I am simply excited to share this story and recieve feedback. Updates will be frequent.

To play the demo, go here:


Need details what it about


Seconded. Most people will want at least a brief overview of what we’re getting into before picking up a new read, even if it’s as short as a new WIP. How else are we supposed to know if the content matter is to our tastes?

Also don’t be stressed about the length of your WIP, you can always make it bigger as you go. Getting feedback early is a good idea.


There seems to be a technical issue that doesn’t let either @Wannabe_Human or even myself edit the OP, so for the time being, the original post will not reflect the current status of the game. For updates, details, and links to new versions of the game, please follow @Wannabe_Human’s posts on this thread and inform other posters in this thread if they seem unaware of what is happening.


Liking it so far. If I say hotel California… Would I be close. You can always check in… Checking out is a little difficult… can’t wait to see were this is going.


I was getting a similar vibe from it as well & can’t wait to see what happens next

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I’m really enjoying the vibe of this so far. Very nice!

Also I think there’s a spacing error after you choose to stay put. Or it just ends early.

Edit: Yep! That fixed it!!

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That isn’t supposed to happen. Hopefully it should be fixed now.
@Dpwjeremy Maybe a really twisted version of Hotel California. Thank you for your kind words.
@Clara_Wolfenstein Thanks!

Okay, just to make sure there aren’t any more errors…The demo should end after you’ve looked into the mirror in the hotel room. Is everyone getting to that point? You can do all of the other options in the hotel room first as well?

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Yup! Demo ends right as you click next at that point, at least for me. Although, it does give you an error message, so it looks like there’s a glitch that ends the game and it isn’t intentional. You don’t have to, but fixing it and sending that scene to an ending screen might help you avoid a lot of “I got a glitch” comments.

Otherwise, this story seems very interesting so far! I noticed a few grammatical errors here and there, but nothing that kept me from reading. Interested to see where this will go next.

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I got the same thing. I got the mirror scene and then got the error message. Otherwise a great story that I can’t wait to read more of

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