Norif I: The Lost Raven (WIP RPG Fantasy) Updated 7/24 in my last comment

This game has been in the works for a very long time. I think I’ve had five restarts on it. Finally making some progress on it.

Current Compiled link

[Details=World magic]
The G.C. has found by the Writer’s act of 2013 A.M.W., this material to be a nonconformist view of actual word history. Possession of, or reading of said material will result in swift legal action being taken against you and your family. To avoid possible life imprisonment we encourage you to only read State sponsored writer’s. We deeply care for the mental and physical welfare of all citizens of the Norif state.

To truly understand magic one must know the history of magic. Magic was once not a natural product of our world, hard to believe I know. Thankfully the lus na hoíche monks secreted away great vaults of historical documents. While I was never allowed direct access to the vaults the monks went to great risks in numerous meetings allowing me to view hundreds of scrolls and tomes. After a time I felt the risk to the monks was to great and thanked them as we parted ways. I have put down my thoughts and notes below in hopes that one day I may continue my research and complete a full write up of our history.

Earlier I noted ‘our world’, that is not a true statement. We are invaders to this world, brought here as slave armies during the time the Black Towers were built, for what reason I have failed to discover. The true inhabitants of this world were the Elves. Today’s Elves are a spattering of tribes that dot the landscape. They have nothing in common with their ancestors. But I digress as this is on magic, I will however endeavour to write up a more comprehensive tome on the Elevin history and why they have fallen so far.

I bring this up as it was the power that brought these invading armies that flooded the land. Still magic was not prevalent but the world absorbed the power like a sponge and thus the planet was changed overnight. The close of the war left the multitude of races stranded here and they began to build homes and grow communities. It was this time the Gods came.

The Gods were the ones that unlocked the power of magic from the earth, perhaps it was the sheer raw power that drew them here in the first place. The Gods were petty and cruel and the inhabitants suffered greatly. Until they to learned to use the magic, they came together and sealed the Gods away from our world, hopefully to never return. The Gods magic stop flowing with the sealing, it was still there but trapped in the earth.

There are only two races that are able to draw magic naturaly from the ground. The Yeti, a peaceful and intelligent race that unfortunately are believed to be extinct. The other being the Fay, which are highly prized but decidedly an horrendous act to transform a Fay to use their magic.

Magic is broken down into three types. Green or natural magic, Red or strong magic, and Black or illusionary magic. It was the discovery of Aegirine crystals that truly gave magic back to the races. They are used in strong magic. The title of strong magic is a bit of a misnomer. There is no difference in natural magic and strong magic other than it take a very strong will to force the magic from the crystal. Being that it is forced from the crystal it can be bent a bit more than natural magic causing a few spells that we would not otherwise see.

The Fay are the only ones that use the black magic. It is a commonly held belief that due to their small size that they cannot fully absorb the magic thus it does not have the same power leaving the spells a mere shadow of the the real thing. This seems to suit the wee little ones as they use the magic in defense and hiding.

There are many gaps here in my notes that if given a chance I will research further, for now this will end my summary of notes.

Signed anonymous[/details]

Other Projects

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This game I work on when I can’t get on my computer. It is much smaller in scope so maybe done about the time I get ready to do final testing. This game will beta testing only, sorry there will be no public demo.

The Hangman’s Noose
Western with puzzles inside the game,
Was doing the code while another was writing the story. They bailed so the projects been dormant for a long while. If intrested on maybe writing for this pm me.

Ghost in the Library
This one is on hold for now, will be working on just not sure when. (paused)

The rest listed below are games I have bits and pieces to and will be working on them here and there.
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I really don’t like having my stats determined by a random number generator. Can you have people choose what they’re good, okay and bad at?

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This is a very old build I was going to revamp and improve but having problems with getting Choicescript to work once unzipped. The original concept was to give the old table top feel. I will be dropping the roll option as it was far to cumber-son and a pain to use, I will break it into section and ask questions instead of the player. I will leave the quick option for stats.

*edit Or I may adopt some system like Fallout for adding points, maybe a combo of both.

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Norif is pretty cool. I like the setup and I didnt know that choicescript could be used like this. What are you looking for though? Do you want typo notifications or just feedback on the stories?

I was playing along fine until I hit an error when I used the lapstone and then chose “shutdown”. Restarting, i played through until I reached the birthday scene.After the naming , it says "updatedisplay32 is not defined"
Is the game just that short?

You probably already know about some of the typos and errors. So I’ll just say I like the display hahaha :smile: Hope you finish these stories sooner rather than later.

Once I am able to get choicescript to work will be working on it again then will be needing feed back, but thanks for what you did spot. As far as the layout it will be two fold as CoG my not support this custom code. I plan on a reg. version and this custom look just because I’m a geek like that. :slight_smile:

No prob! I still remember the Ghost story from a couple years back :smile: Good luck!

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So have been working on re-coding Raven’s Loft so it is more straight forward, meaning I have stripped out all the *script commands.I am hitting an error when running quicktest

Error: choicescript_stats line 12: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

Normally I can spot what the problem is but not seeing it. May need fresh eyes to see what I am missing thanks.

1 *label top
*2 image lapstone.jpg center
4 *label pic
5 *if (gender)
6  *if (male)
7   *image male.jpg
8   *goto second
9  *if (female)
10   *image female.jpg
11   *goto second
12 *else
13  *goto second
15 *label second
16 Health: (${ht}/${mht})
17 *line_break
18 Magic: (${ma}/${mma})
19 *line_break
20 *gosub name
21 *line_break
22 *gosub nick
23 Current level: (${clvl})
24 *line_break
25 Experience: (${ep})
26 *line_break
27 *gosub reward
28 *stat_chart
29  opposed_pair good
30  evil
31 *choice
32  #Stats
33   *goto stats
34  #Mods
35   *goto mods
36  *selectable_if (sibs) #Siblings 
37   *goto sibs
38  *selectable_if (dugeon) #Dugeon
39   *goto dungeon

[quote=“Lordirish, post:7, topic:16193”]

*label pic
*if (gender)
 *if (male)
  *image male.jpg
  *goto second
  *image female.jpg
  *goto second
 *goto second

Try switching *if (female) to *else? Otherwise, the game has no way of knowing that either (male) or (female) must exist if (gender = true) going by the code - so it’d think you were falling into that last *else.

That’s my best guess anyhow.

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Seems to have solved the problem thanks. Makes sense so good to roll on. ::slight_smile:

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As far as Raven’s Loft I have two pages re-coded and updated the link. I still have 8 or 9 pages still to update, slow going as I am having to hunt line by line, this was before gosub_scene was out lol. Updating the code and stripping out all *script commands. I will finish out the what I have then switch over to the ghost game, lot of odd code that needs to be redone. Will be switching back forth for awhile.

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Managed to update another two pages. You can now play up to magic then it will end. I have two more section, skill books, and weapons. The skill books is going to take some time as i writing this from scratch so no time frame on this sorry. As always any feedback, ideas, and bug finds is welcome.

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Progress so far on the skill section. Have written out 30 of the 185 books you will be able to buy within the game. The books add different points to your Stats and skills.The Books fall under 6 areas such as str, int, wis, etc. Have removed the roll system altogether as it was a very poor system, you will be able to pick one book from each stat during the development of the pc.


75 books down but my brain is feeling a little bit fried. I going to take a break for a few then get back at it. Want to finish the list tonight. I will still have to write books for weapons and what not but I will be able to finish the next section with the completion of the skills books.


Having to call it a night as my eyes no longer work lol, just shy 45 books to still create. Little over 3000 words added to day. Will try and knock the rest of this section out tomorrow.

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155 books for the first section is now complete :stuck_out_tongue: Of course this section was written just so I can write the next section, so unless I put it out as a cheat guide you will never see it lol. I am hoping to have the next section done by morning but we will see how it goes.


Alright I have the new section up. You can now pick six books to set your stats, I am going to have to now setup how the stats such as health and magic will change according to your stats. I then need to go back in and track each var as there are going to be a massive amount interacting within the game. Also I want to tackle the calendar system, I have it coded in the old version but more then likely going to have to rewrite it. The next update may take some time sorry.

So last progress report for the night then sleep. Took 3 hrs but have managed to integrate the calendar/clock/weather into the game. I need to go back and tweek as the opening does not rely on the weather. I have one more day at home and trying to make the most of it, will try and tackle the stats tonight then I need to go through and do a bit of clean up of the spacing in places. As always any bugs or grammar please let me know and I will add them in tonight’s update

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Just a small update as I have now added player option, these are skip-able as everything is to default. I have added an option for images to be replaced by text. I do not have this feature fully interrogated yet. I plan on working on the stats today then going and cleaning up all my code and adding all the new code features. I also need to work on spacing as I see some places it is coming out a little odd.

*edit had a strange bug when I uploaded so I think I have it fixed now.

Heading back to the truck and will be out for 14 days so writing will be a lot sloower. I believe I have all the mod code for the stats in now need to clean it up and make sure it all works before I put up the next update. I am having a problem with the clock code not passing random test yet is working. Will more then like likely will have to spend a lot of time figuring out what is hanging up.

Was hip deep into coding the stats and then realized I did not have a clue on how I was going to approach the battle system. I have read many blogs on the subject of interactive text battle systems. I have many ideas so having to build a test battle to see what works and what needs to be thrown out before I go any further with the stats. May take me a week or two but will put something up for feedback and then I can move on to more core coding.