Non-existent command 'selectable_if'

I’m having trouble with…

The error I’m getting is: Error: tournament_heart1 line 995: Non-existent command ‘selectable_if’

My code looks like this:

	#Cast a spell				
		*selectable_if (cerberus=true) #Cast Cerberus
			You push out your mana and throw your hands forward. "Cerberus, help me out," you shout. 

			The three headed hound forms a few steps away from Captain. It snarls at him, acidic saliva dripping from the middle head. 

			"Well done," Captain says. "A strong summoned beast. So you're a talented Voidwoken." He grins. Moments later his face contorts into a scowl. "A Voidwoken nonetheless. Like a big fish in a small pond. I'm a big fish in an ocean, don't think for even a fraction of a second that we are in the same realm you mutt."

			The boy's hands light up bright yellow. A longsword forms in each hand. He brandishes the weapons. "Here doggy, here you little mutt." 

			"Cerberus, attack!"

			Cerberus howls and then lunges at Captain. The boy dodges and slashes down. Cerberus' right head catches the blade in its mouth and presses down hard. The blade snaps in half. 

			The left head opens wide and a fireball bursts out. It hits the boy straight in the chest. He is thrown back into a tree.
			*label killcaptain
					You decide to use this as the prime opportunity to get away. Whether you can defeat him or not, you need to get to your companions.

					You run as fast as you can. You push mana through your body until it reaches your feet. You're able to run faster by using your mana like this, however you're being sapped dry very quickly.

					After about ten minutes you find yourself in a familiar area. You realize that you aren't too far from your camp. You navigate through the area with relative ease. When you reach your camp the others are still asleep.

					You sigh in relief. [i]Nothing happened to the others.[/i]

					You then wake the three up.

					Demeter groans. He gets up lazily. "What? What happened?"

					"Templars," you respond.


					You recount the events that just unfolded.

					"Shit," Ploy says. "We need to clear up and get out of here.

					You scramble about, clearing up the camp and setting off.

					*goto checkpoint_save

The indentation for the choices must be the same. Or if you’re trying to select the choices after selecting #Cast a spell you should put *choice before the *selectable_if

	#Cast a spell				
	*selectable_if (cerberus=true) #Cast Cerberus
	#Cast a spell				
			*selectable_if (cerberus=true) #Cast Cerberus

Thank you so much, I’ve spent days trying to figure this one out xD

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