I'm having trouble with *selectable_if

The error is
line 121: couldn’t parse the line after *selectable_if (transformations_crow) Transform into a crow to scout ahead- requires 2 manna

I inspected the line that had the error but I still don’t see where the problem is…it’s probably right infront of my untrained eyes xD, Can anyone help me with this? Here is the code that the error is in

\*selectable_if (transformations_crow) Transform into a crow to scout ahead- requires 2 manna
		\*set Intelligence +5
		\*set Beckhams_manna -2
		\*set Relationship_with_Beckham +2
		You unstrap the buckles on your backpack and Beckham leaps into the air before landing tentatively on your shoulder. You rub his back for a moment before addressing your initial course of action. "Beckham, we do not yet know what lies ahead, and the first step in our vocation is to be sure of everything. Transform into your crow state and check the surrounding area for anything potentially dangerous, or pertinent to our endeavors and report back with your findings." 

		With a puffing sound, Beckham is engulfed in a puff of white smoke, before it dissipates to reveal his altered body, now that of a crow. He nods at you once before flapping steadily to ascend into the air and beyond the pinnacle of the forest to be lost from vision. Several minutes pass by in silence before the shape of the sun is dimmed briefly by the silhouette of your companion. Gliding down from the air, he lands once again on your shoulder and proceeds to inform you of the situation through a series of pitch changing caws. 

		"There are three witch assassins waiting for you in a clearing approximately a mile from our position! What shall we do?"

Put a # in front of Transform into a crow…

I did initially but then it didn’t take the
into account, and the example for conditional options on the CoG website doesn’t have a # in front of the *selectable_if choices.

this is the example that they had

Sometimes we want to show players that a choice is not available to them. We can do that like this:

  How will you handle this?
    #Try to talk them out of it.
      They cannot be dissuaded.
    #Force them to relent.
      They back down, for now.
    \*selectable_if (president) #Abuse my presidential powers to silence them
      This works; you will never hear from them again.

Try putting a choice before the *selectable_if

*choice #These people must be the harbingers of what is to come, so I shall attack! *set depravity +10 *if (job ="Shadow") *set favor +10 *set willpower %+7 *goto a1 #Step out in the road and wait for them to approach, you wish to parley before making a decision. *set morality %+5 *goto a2 *selectable_if ((job = "Ranger") or (job = "Shadow")) #Get a loftier view and a tactical advantage and climb the tree you can decide what to do from there. *set cunning %+5 *goto a3 *selectable_if (job ="Mage") #Gather your thoughts in preparation for a spell. *choice #I will attack them. *set cunning %+5 *goto a1 #I am only gathing my magical energies just in case things go awry. *set morality %+5 *set intelligence %+10 *goto a2

This works for me.

The correct code is definitely:

*selectable_if (transformations_crow) #Transform into a crow to scout ahead- requires 2 manna

The only thing I can think of trying is not to put *set right after the *selectable_if line


I meant like how JimD did it.

Oh I see what you mean. Thanks everyone