No Kingdom Simulators?


Why has no one made a simple kingdom simulator using choice script yet? Is there a reason they all fail or is it just the wrong people trying to make them?


I recall one or two are/were works in progress. They seem to have fallen into the “totally awesome but abandoned” category, though.


My Wip is partially a kingdom sim, focusing on the politics part though


Lords of Aswick ‘kindof’ is. But yeah; Isofar, this seems to be a gap.

So many good ideas for games, don’t want to divide my attention from the one I’m working on now…


Life of a Wizard has the improving the realm section, though you’re the adviser and power behind the throne there, not the king. The “Lost Heir” series may or may not include something like that in the final installment though.


There is a upcoming game called The Royal Legacy by author Arcania it is a great kingdom sim you can try it out as it’s a work in progress title and he has put out demos/beta tests of the game


Have you tried Swamp Castle? That seems lIke a Low Budget version to me, maybe because of the way the stat screen is organized.


Swamp castle is a great example. Also Achroma’s san upcoming game is very complex in terms of political development and worldbuilding. Guess the principal problem with simulators is their complexity. One simply can not mapping all the variables of a base-building game esque… Well there are some interesting approaches indeed. Did you ever play “the followers” in that game you just tweak some points and sits leisurely while your humans build civilizations in your name.

Guess the main challenge in this kind of game is not the political side, but the economics. Although the commercial balance is theoretically an arrange of a medium between asks and bids. There are other spec s of a economy, like inflation, that is hard to control.

One other approach is make use of a “settles of catan” as framework to develop a kingdown building in. That’s is a good idea. There also the style of game that ignore the complex aspects of the kingdown focusing sorely in the base-building, like for example, Millenium Return For Eart, were resources and energy is the only currency one must look for.

The fact that there are few examples for study. And ever few walkthroughs for coding this kind of game may be a hidrance. But I believe that this kind of game, when put the right amount of role play, can be extremely fun to play and pretty much replayed ver again.

What do you guys think?