Night Road Blank Screen Error

We’ve been getting several reports of a problem with Night Road where the screen goes blank (aside from the “Show Stats”/etc buttons) and the game becomes unplayable. This has been happening the most on Steam, but might be in the mobile apps as well. It seems to be largely happening in the later parts of the game, but I’m not sure if it always happens at the same point.

We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem in our testing, which makes it harder to figure out what might be causing it. If anyone is running into a problem like this on Steam or any other platforms, could you write into with as many details as possible about what you were doing in the game leading up to it? The most helpful thing would be a specific list of choices that triggers the problem for you, if possible, so we can replay with those choices and see if the same thing happens for us. (Sometimes on Steam, the game becomes totally unplayable once it’s happened once and the Restart button won’t work - if that happens for you, try turning off Steam Cloud Sync and reinstalling.)

Thank you!


Email sent to support. This just happened to me on PC. Turning off Sync did not fix the problem. The game is completely unplayable now. Is there any way to get a copy direct from COG since the Steam version no longer works?

I think i found a solution (it worked for me) just find and delete the save data for the game.
Where the remote folder is and everything.