Issues with apps

So the last few games I’ve gotten like Unsupervised, and On the Run they just random scroll and reset themselves. No rhyme or reason. This most recent time I unlocked the phone and it just scrolled over to the start no idea how or why. I’m on a Pixel 8. I’ve never had this problem before now it’s happening all the time. And do the save and load game options only work on the Steam downloads? Do I need to start going there and buying games instead of through the Play Store?

Is this happening constantly or only every once in a while? If it is only occasionally it’s possible you were playing when an update was pushed and it reset you to the start of a chapter?

Definitely seems to be happening more than it probably should. It’s very frustrating and hoping it’d not user error. Doesn’t seem to happen when I revisit older apps just the newer ones. I am positive it never happened during any of my playthroughd on the Fallen Hero stories.

Hi @DonteD I’m afraid that this is an issue that is beyond the scope of what the forum can help with. In this case, you should contact Choice of Games directly with the details of your phone, how you’re playing, and screenshots if possible, by sending an email to support (at) choiceofgames (dot) com.

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I wasn’t so much trying to get help per se with fixing here just seeing if anyone else is having similar issues or if it’d possibly my big hands accidentally hitting something and maybe not realizing. I’ve reached out to support. I’m starting to know Abby personally with all my emails recently lol :rofl::rofl:

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