Next in Line (WIP) (Update: August 29 2022) - Moved to Twine

Just started a discord.

Hey :wave:
I love IF and recently finished the demo for my first try at writing IF. It was initially conceived as a visual novel but I revised it to better fit IF. I’ve decided to bite the bullet and put the demo out :smiling_face_with_tear:

Next in Line is a royal interactive fiction.

You’re next in line for the throne of Castelon, a fictional country loosely based on different periods of history, such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and periods of England. (Not meant to be historically accurate so don’t come at me lol).

A 10-year war with your country’s main adversary, Arandale, recently ended. Then your father, King Percival was assassinated. After his assassination, your twin, Prince James abdicated. Return home after 5 years and decide what kind of Harbinger you will be.

Prepare to step into a story of betrayal, love, and trust. Can you navigate your royal duties, solve your father’s murder, and find love (or friendship) at the same time? Or, will the Gods withdraw their blessings from you?



  • The Prologue (Parts I, II, and III) and Chapter I are available.
  • Shape your MC’s future and some of their past.
  • Pursue romance and/or friendship with 4 different characters.
  • Choose 1 of 3 Family Mottos.
  • Get a taste of “Attributes”, which will unlock choices throughout the game. More Attributes will be available in the coming chapters.
  • Choose a patron god or goddess (optional).
  • Choose a pet (who you’ll meet in chapter 2, optional).

Meet the Court (Tumblr)
There are 4 Romance Options, although romance is optional. However, there will be a lot of romance content because that’s what I want to write. But yeah, you don’t have to romance characters and can instead forge friendships. I’m doing my best to make those meaningful as well. All 4 of these characters will play some role in your journey.

Sir Constantine Dimas, M | 26 years old, Taurus
Constantine is the best friend of your twin brother, James and a Knight in Castelon’s Elite Guard. He is fiercely loyal to your family and fought alongside James in the Arandale War. Like you, he finds amusement in teasing your brother.

F. Faramund, M or F | 22 years old, Aquarius
Whether F was your first love or your ex-best friend, they broke your trust and disappeared. Now, they’re back and seemingly apologetic. Bury the hatchet, rekindle your former relationship, or walk a different path altogether.

Felix Faramund, M | 24 years old, Aries
Felix is F.'s older brother and was someone you once considered a friend. Like, F., he’s returned to Castelon. Unlike F., he can be quick to anger and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. He can read the room, he just doesn’t care. You can romance Felix, even if you loved F.

Lady Margaret, F| 22 years old, Gemini
The mysterious Lady Margaret is a noble businesswoman who enjoys observing from the shadows. She’s close to your mother, Queen Vivian. Although she is slow to trust others, those who earn her trust will find themselves in the company of a powerful and loyal ally.

Content Warnings

The final game will be rated Mature. The current version is rated 16+. Please note all of the below content is not in the demo but planned for the finished game.

CW: suggestive language, references to war and the effects of war, death, references to death, exploration of grief, curse / swear words, possible violence, optional sexual content.


July 16th, 2022:
Uncategorized Updates

  • Added a quick build so you can customize your character, answer key questions, and then skip forward (if you want - this is because the saves are probably broken) it’s a lot of questions though so BE WARNED and don’t come at me ahahah…;
  • Added some new variables in coding to properly track super simps :grimacing: AKA flirt all you want <3 but be prepared…
  • Made some edits so MC isn’t as teasing (you can still tease/banter, but I tried to give additional options when it felt natural to do so.)
  • Updated Oracle Davina’s pronouns to “they/them”. The Oracle is NB and the game will reflect that moving forward. They will obviously be a part of MC’s journey in their own way since they oversee the blessing of the gods, so I look forward to further highlighting them in the game. This is a decision that I’ve been thinking about for a while and based on what I know about them as a character, it feels right. If you see an error when interacting with the Oracle that refers to them as “she/her” or has the wrong tenses, please let me know so I can fix it.

Prologue Part II Updates:

  • After selecting MCs birth name, you’ll confirm if that’s the name to be used or you can enter a new one;
  • Can now choose the family motto choice during Constantine’s introduction scene while simultaneously setting touch-averse;
  • Anna will no longer slap MC on the back of the head during her introduction scene;
  • Added additional choice for reacting to the Anna/James moment;
  • Added additional pet names. Might be some special flavor text in the future depending on your pet and name combo!

Prologue Part III Updates:

  • Added additional customization options when preparing for the ball, specifically: added laurel crown option, hair type, and (optional) facial features (like freckles, scars…); For customization, if you see an option missing (for example, a specific hair type or eye color) that you want, simply ask and I’ll be happy to include it. I’m not purposely trying to leave any out;
  • Added an additional choice for responding to James when preparing to enter the ball;
  • Added additional choice for reacting to Vivian when showing up late to the ball;
  • Added a couple of additional choices for interacting and/or reacting with F.
  • Added additional choice for Constantine’s last scene at the ball. (When MC is interacting with James, Vivian, etc.)
  • Revised after-ball scene with Anna and MC. Additional choices have been added.

If there are any typos/errors, or game-breaking errors (sorry), let me know and I’ll fix them as soon as I can. This isn’t necessarily the last update to the demo as I have a few more places I can add some additional choices, including Chapter I, but those need some consideration first.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent about 40 hours looking for errors and fixing any I found or that were reported by those who played BUT I’m sure that despite staring at my screen for hours on end, there are still errors there. So, sorry about that. Just let me know so I can fix them. Hopefully no game-breaking ones. Also, the saves will break when I make updates lol.

To play the Twine demo, go here:

To check out the Tumblr, including previous asks/FAQs, please go here:

Feel free to give feedback on errors (spelling, grammar, pronoun/coding) so I can fix those.


@writerindisguise – Welcome once again, and I am glad to see the demo here.

I look forward to reading it as soon as I can put a block of time together for doing so. :two_hearts:


Excellent project! So happy to see the demo here!
The lore is so lovingly crafted I just adore it! Also I will have my happy ending with F, mark my words!!!


This has a promising start! I like the motto system you’ve incorporated into the game!

Also I think I found a tiny error, it should be “intend” or “and one I am intent on winning”. This is the only one I found though so the 40 hours you put in were well worth it!

Huh, I wasn’t expecting this until Monday, since that’s what your tumblr said. I guess you got it out early.

This is what I’ve seen so far (With Margaret)

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Simply awesome :clap:t2:

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I liked the flavour of the story and the romance. The pacing was in tandem as well. Especially liked the immersive concept brough about by the lore of the Gods and the twin destinies.

a few errors

This one requires punctuation, I believe.

Female RO

I liked the dynamic b/w Felix and Frejya and Constantine and MC’s humour wrt teasing Anna and the twin. Keep up the good work :beers:


Looks like a great start! Excited to see more.

The punctuation on this confused me considering I was looking at a romance option :sweat_smile:


– Welcome once again, and I am glad to see the demo here.

Thank you for the warm welcome (again) @Eiwynn - I hope you enjoy it.

The lore is so lovingly crafted I just adore it! Also I will have my happy ending with F, mark my words!!!

You’re too kind @spytim but I do hope you get that happy ending with F :smiling_face_with_tear:

Also I think I found a tiny error, it should be “intend” or “and one I am intent on winning”. This is the only one I found though so the 40 hours you put in were well worth it!

Thank you @TheHendo, I fixed it. Appreciate it!

Huh, I wasn’t expecting this until Monday, since that’s what your tumblr said.

lol, I said I might put it out before Monday. I was just ready to get the band-aid off. Hope you are doing well @geldar

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Thanks, I fixed it!! And thanks for giving it a try @Avid_reader.


@superviv yeah I was sleep deprived and thought I copied the new version but did not. Just fixed it :melting_face:. Haha that must of looked weird as heck to you. Thanks for trying my demo!

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Thanks, @Paradox1 - I believe I fixed all those errors that you reported :sweat_smile:

Especially liked the immersive concept brought about by the lore of the Gods and the twin destinies…Keep up the good work

Thank you - it was a lot of fun writing the lore and planning the game’s plot. Thanks for giving my demo a go!


I really liked the demo and how you did an amazing job in worldbuilding!
Is awesome how you let the player choose the relationship with the twin brother. I really like the idea of hugging James until he can’t breath anymore. Must protecc the twin. AND play matchmaker with him and Anna sounds fun too! Anna is another amazing character!

And Constantine is… oh :heart_eyes: one chapter and I’m already in love with him.

Me too, when I saw for the first time I thought “WTH, the MC can go full Lannister?” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You’re welcome! I enjoyed the story and I’m looking forward to see more!

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Thank you so much! :grin: I’m so glad you enjoyed the demo!

Me too, when I saw for the first time I thought “WTH, the MC can go full Lannister?” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

UHM :skull: yeah, my bad cause definitely not :laughing:

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If I choose an option other than these:

smile back at him - you’re happy to see him, but he knows that you like some distance. [Set Touch-Averse]

hug him. It doesn’t matter how tired I am. I’ve missed him dearly. He’s one of the few people you’re comfortable hugging. [Set Touch-Averse]

will it be possible to set touch aversion later? I chose stoic option (with a motto) when greeting James, but I like the idea of touch averse

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Looks promising so far! Kinda dumb question but is our twin brother fraternal or identical?


oof! I didn’t even consider that but it’s a good point. I will probably add an option during that scene to choose the motto + touch averse when I push a new update. That way, you can choose both. Thanks for the suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nah, that’s not dumb and actually I had quite a few people inquiring about this on Tumblr when I was just getting interest. MC and James are fraternal twins, they do have the same eye and hair color though.