New Year's Resolutions/Writing Goals for 2020!

Setting your sights higher than Alan Rickman? Impressive.


Good luck in law school! Know where you’re going? (if you want to keep that private, my apologies)

My three years at Notre Dame law school were probably the most fun of my life. (caveat: I should have studied more, but that ship has sailed!)


Finally get caught up like I keep telling myself I will/thinking I am…and get HHWT pushed out (it really is rather very close, I swear). :grimacing: :expressionless: :sweat_smile:

And, on a personal level, believe in myself and keep growing. Change is scary, but often for the best. As long as it’s better than 2019 was in general, I’ll be thrilled.


Writing goals

  • I’m pretty new to Choicescript! I want to learn how to properly code without things breaking every hour or so haha. The wiki and other threads have been very helpful.

  • Want to post a WIP. Have many ideas and it’s not very manageable at the moment (I have a feeling I’ll fail at this anyway and make it huge haha). I’m not very good at translating my ideas into well…writing. Maybe keeping a notebook and writing it on paper will help… Not going to lie I’m scared as hell about how it’ll be received. I’ll break through the fear somehow! Uh, I think.

  • Maybe get started on another WIP? Not that I think I’ll post it. Mostly planning and working on it when I don’t feel like working on the WIP above.

  • I’ve never entered NaNoWriMo and want to try it this year.

Other goals

  • Read more books. Ever since the beginning of high school, my bookworm self disappeared and I couldn’t read for pleasure anymore. The thought of cracking open a book outside of class made me nervous. English classes… I blame you for making us read the classics and write essays (I did enjoy some of them but…gosh the first half of Pride and Prejudice made me so bored). Now that I’m taking some time off college…it’s a good time to catch up with that bookshelf of unread books! And, er, that online google books account…

  • Make a new friend! In real life or internet. I’ve had the same circle of friends since elementary school. I want to try branching out and meeting others.

  • Be more active. Been a huge couch potato this year. I’ll start by taking leisurely strolls starting spring. :+1: Once I get more comfortable running can be an option.

  • I know this one sounds stupid, but I really want to improve my cooking skills. I can only do the basics right now without worrying about setting the house on fire. And no sometimes recipes don’t end up as intended…

Good luck everyone with accomplishing your goals! I’m sure we can all do it!


Well I’d really like to move but I’d settle for uploading a WIP which I was supposed to do this/last year but y’know ‘cough, cough self-deprecation cough, cough’ But I swear I have the idea and have started writing even I just really don’t want to upload a WIP and then abandon the concept a few days later.

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Ugh. This year I will do it:

  • Finish writing vol 3 of the Breaks comic.
  • Finish and submit Fallen Hero: Retribution

And I will try really hard not to break a million words, I need to stop, somehow.


For my 2020 year I want to do a couple of things

  • Start writing for my vtm campaign and my pathfinder campaign
  • Finish another year of college
  • Start painting my warhammer 40k armys
  • Get all of my stuff organized both online and real life
    That’s it for me but there probably more that I’m just forgetting.

My goals for 2020 are as follows:

Priority Alpha: Finish UnNatural Season Two.[Current word count is 93,431 with code and I am on Episode Three of Six just trying to get the three cases written with double the content due to the fact you can reach the cases at different times so I need to account for that.

Priority Bravo: Finish Daemonsphere/Daemonglass [Current word count is 42,661 with code and am on Chapter Three of Five]

Priority Charlie: Write two summaries for a potential Hearts Choice submission



  • Finish a fanfiction/writing practice project that’s stuck in my head
  • Get better at character writing/writing social interactions (especially group dynamics)
  • Continue with therapy
  • Enjoy life a little more

Stretch goals:

  • Start writing some original content again (Very tentative maybe.) :white_check_mark:

Edit: That was unexpected…


Time to add my laundry list since I took the step of solidifying some things. Ironically, a day after advising another not to start too many projects at one time, I gave an elevator pitch for my 5th project. Is there such a thing as “do as I say and not as I do” in writing?

  • Project One – hit the milestones established for it.

  • Project Two – advance the project to the point where having milestones makes sense and is realistic

  • Project Three – advance to the slice-of-life stage of alpha production

  • Project Four – Make this concept a working project.

  • Project Five – Get it advanced enough to open a WiP thread for it.


I only wish for one thing in 2020: completing my first MCG, but at the same time, I don’t want to rush it because you all can sense a rushed work very well

my ultra-most-very-priority things to do:
get myself an idea that won’t change later on, I have a tendency to change ideas of anything: title, character names, background story, game goals, NPCs, gosh I can’t stop it.

maybe some of you could guide me how to stick myself with an idea and work it out

wish me luck guys

I have two goals for this year. The first is to write at least 100 words every day, whether it’s for a WIP, a novel, fanfiction, anything. So far I’ve stuck to it fairly well, and find that once the first 100 are down, I’m in the zone and can usually make it to 400+ without any trouble. I’m also keeping a daily log of word counts and which project they’re for, so I can look back on it and feel productive!

My second goal is to actually post a WIP on the forums (if not complete one outright). I currently have one sitting at 120k, and another at 90k, but I’m still polishing and procrastinating before wanting to share them in public. A lot of people seem to post WIPs a bit too early, before they’ve got a significant chunk of content to get feedback on, but I’ve somehow become the opposite.

For 2020, I just want to at least have a semi working demo of my WIP. A full working one would be even better. Oh and also post the first chapters of all of my Fanfic wips.

Almost two months have passed; time for an update

  • Project One – On target; all milestones met and green-lit to this point. :dancer:
  • Project Two – On target; not yet to the desired end-point, nine more months to go on this.
  • Project Three – This project is still at the point it was in January – no advancement.
  • Project Four – This project is still at the point it was in January – no advancement.
  • Project Five – This project took a hit – my HD failure last year destroyed 60% of my progress on this… readjusting the goal for this project to be starting a prototype demo… no WiP thread plans for this year as of now.

In terms of production, project one is advancing well and project two is shifting into over-drive; since the project two will not advance beyond its current phase until project one is completed, I should be able to realistically reach the goals for project three or four but most likely not both.

Project 5 is my problem-child as of now. I had a prototype demo almost ready to launch before my computer melt-down, but since I am starting basically from the design level once again, it is nothing but vapor-ware as of now. So disappointing.


I guess I’ll do an update too.

  • I got a full-time job! It’s in the editing field, which is close enough.
  • :grimacing:
  • :sweat:
  • I restarted it. Not actually doing anything with it though lol.
  • Ehhhh… we’ll get there.
  • afgaskjfhaskjhfas as if


  • Yeah no.
  • I move into my apartment on the 21st!
  • I can actually make loan payments AND pay rent!

So overall, not terrible!