New Year's Resolutions for your Writing!


I will try to not make people’s eyes bleed when they read my stuff


Hey, @HornHeadFan -where do you live, out of curiosity? I noticed CCH is set in Iowa- which, I happen to live in. Just struck my curiosity with your wanting to meet people.

My NYR are to write for at least an hour each day- as long as I’m home to do so.

Try to get a new chapter done on Monsters every 2-3 months. Which would put me over halfway finished by the end of next year.

Maybe exceed these goals. (it would be nice)

Win CScomp this upcoming year (hehehe- I’ll try)

@Lys DUDE! I love that game! I’m actually kinda a fan of the Winter Wolves games. It’s a pleasure to make the acquaintance of one of those involved! shakes your hand I know this may be too much of a question, but what engine do you use to write your games? I like the style- not quite RPG, not quite VN, but a bit of both. Oh, and let whoever made the Nicole game know that Nicole is adorable. XD Thanks.

Someone with a good longterm memory should bookmark this thread so that they can revive it next year.


I wish they would hurry up and get to the buyable beta of “Heirs and Graces” already.


I would translate my game into English so I can share it even if I have absolutely no idea if my translation will be readable lols.


I can understand the sentiment. I don’t know how far along it is, but hopefully there will be more information this year.

The engine used is RenPy. Heh, and I’m glad you like the Nicole game. I just hope the yuri version is released this year.

Anyways, to get back on topic, another resolution I need to make is diagram/storyboard things better. If I have a good plan in place, writing is much easier.


Nicole was made by Winter Wolf Games:

Edit: uh never mind - misinterpreted the question :smiley: Leaving link for those that may be interested anyway…


It’s actually set in Nebraska. However, I’m sure Mega Cat :smirk_cat: would say, “Iowa…Nebraska…what’s the difference?”

I live in Louisville, KY and I really don’t have any connection to Nebraska. I just wanted to set the story in a “normal” area right in the middle of the other schools. I’ve been to Des Moines a few times, though. In fact, my first time on an airplane was to Des Moines.

Ok end of thread jack.


Sir, now you will need to meet this deadline. If you dont, I will be severely disappointed with you!
I need to continue the adventure of my awesome and badass detective and I need more DG.


Well I was going to throw in another resolution “write conventional novel version of CCH Part 1 by May 2016 so I actually have a physical product to sell at comic cons” but I determined that was too much! I really want to meet my Dec 2016 deadline for Part 2.


Any time you nail down a “canon” version of a choice based game you damage your fan base. Don’t make the mistake Bioware made.

Your non-interactive fiction should not “retcon” your interactive fiction. Write as much as you want in your universe, don’t mess with peoples characters.


Write shorter forum posts.

Hm. Good start.

  1. Write out the full story for my WiP and polish it up, bring out a demo containing at least the prologue and chapter 1.

  2. Spend a few hours every week learning the choicescript code.

  3. Meet and greet with local writers in my area.

  4. stop eating bagels while I write, excessive crumbs are getting a little ridiculous.


Everyone has cart blanche to scavenge these posts midway through 2016 and remind/interrogate people about their progress*

*subject to forum rules prohibiting “resurrecting” a dead WiP thread

*“carte blanche” offer may be rescinded any time with or without prior notice to those granted such permission.

*no purchase necessary, except in Madagascar and the state of Maine.


Not to worry, for everything other than WIP’s we can use our best judgement and I say it’s in our best interest to be able to help people keep their resolutions.


Actually write something about crafted individuals bound by their purpose in the society, each one posses unique markings and ability which is the basis of your status in the Hierarchy of this world.
This follows the story of a newborn emerging from the CreationGrounds (basically you are planted on the ground developing by absorbing the nutrients and coming out fullygrown).
You then encounter the Keeper which monitors each newborns progress and he is somewhat surprised that you have emerged earlier than intended.
He teaches you everything about the world and informs you that you are quite rare and unique, pointing out that he has never seen this kind of markings.

So you don’t belong anywhere in the Hierarchy, almost everybody labels you “defective” since you are useless in the systems cycle but then the Order (the powerful guys on top) reached out to you and offers to take you in for their own benefit because you have a very powerful ability (I’m not sure yet but its guaranteed to be awesome).

The way your kind reproduces is quite parasitic and destroys the world beyond repair, so you conquer and colonize other planets both isolated and populated.

You discover great flaws and many bad things that your kind do so in the story you must find a way to stop this, form a rebellion and betray you planet.
How your going to do this and what will be the outcome depends on your choices.

The problem is I dont know how to code and the time to do this is nonexistent. :cry:


@Obsidian You can try posting your game idea as a possible WIP and if someone who know how to code likes it you can partner with them. Many from the forum will help you with the coding if you run into a problema


If I had sufficient spare cash:


Like @boredhypocrite said, create a topic with your idea and some people might be interested in coding it for you. I’m having help with my WiP while I’m learning to use the code for myself. Give it a go! :slightly_smiling:

@LordOfLA that… Is… Glorious.


Yeah I already have one 32" 2560x1440p screen. Just need £700 or so to get the other two :wink: