New Transgender Game

I am not the author, the author wishes to remain anonymous for safety and is using a pen name.

The game is called A Tran’s Life. It’s about living as a transgender person, from 10-30 years old (the game skips over several months occasionally, so the game isn’t amazing long). You live through middle school, high school, and even college.

If you have a problem with this game, please do not comment or attack anyone. This is an educational game meant for educating people who do not understand what it’s like for LGBT/Trans people. As well as being fun of course.

-Multiple Genders! (Girl, Boy, AFAB, AMAB, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, possibly more)
-Multiple love interest, including one that you meet in middle school
-Choose your race (yes this might cause problems, but the author is asking for help so they don’t go overboard & write something hurtful/wrong/anything that could cause legal/moral problems
-Choose your own clothes, helping you affirm your identity
-Deal with stress, depression, and even dysphoria
-Deal with hateful people who will discriminate based on gender, orientation, and even race
-Earn money for helpful items, to pay for your own place and food, and even to take care of a pet
-Five different kinds of pets (not available until you get out of high school though)
-Live with parents, a sibling, college dorm (with roommates!), on your own, or even on the streets

So the author has agreed that even though there’s not much, they want it public through
Sorry there’s not more, but me and the author are both dealing w kids, and I am about to start school. So the game is going a bit slower than we’d like, but we also want feedback. The game will be public testing until Junior year of high school.
The site is also going down, as we both cannot keep up with it and the game at the same time.


Awwww that’s so sad but I don’t they have anything to worry about most people I’ve seen either are understanding of the lgbt community or respectful enough not to bring up their hate.
Quick question are we atomically Transgender or can I just be gay?

Well, sort of both. The game is geared towards you discovering your trans, but you can be a femine male, or masculine girl. So I guess you can just be gay if you want. I’m not 100% sure how their writing it since it’s still in early stages, but I imagine you can be.

& unfortunately I know the author, and they have been attacked for being LGBT. They’re more afraid of someone finding out their name & location, & hurting them or their family.


What is wrong with some people I hope the author is okay and thanks for answering


Oh their fine, at least now they are. I’ve been trying to get them to become a speaker but they wanted to do this instead. & since I know how to write in ChoiceScript, I offered to help and post about their game for them. I’m actually super excited about it, because they’ve been having me help write an outline and it looks amazing so far.

Their hoping they can publish it by the end of the summer (or having it ready for publishing, I should say.)

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Well happy trans day of visibility to us, huh? I hope the author stays safe and happy while writing this. Its amazing to finally see one of these games really focusing on trans people and I can’t wait to get to play it

I will go take a look. :blush:

Hopefully the author will feel safe to share their game openly here in the future.
It’s a fairly safe space, especially since transphobic comments are strictly against the forum rules.

I’ve asked if they want to publish this publicly like I did with my game, but they’re going to wait until they feel safer overall.

And I think they want a bit more in the game before they open it up publicly. And they do have a message for everyone.

When this game is published officially, through Hosted Games and makes money, at least half is going to LGBT organizations, helping people afford binders or anything necessary, or anything like that.


So some questions about content! Jobs & College Content specifically

General Jobs, ones for before college or during:
File Organizer (so you just organize files for an office)
Gas Station Attendant
GS Manager
Retail Worker
Retail Manager

College Jobs. These don’t pay much, but you get reduced dorm rent & a boost for certain stats:
Technician (so you help students find what tech they need and sign it out, or even fix computer errors or broken equipment)
Nighttime Security Guard
Tour Guide (year 3 & up)

Here are the planned College Degrees:
General Degree
Art Degree
Math Degree
Science Degree

Everything has three potential jobs. Possible degree jobs are listed below (what job you do depends on how much you make, and even who you meet as there will be some differences):
General Degrees- Writer, Office Manager, & Health Care (so think Care Partner at a hospital/nursing home)
Art Degree- Photographer, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer
Math Degree- Teacher, Financial Instructor (bank teller who helps w investing, loans, ect), Software Engineer
Science Degree- Veterinarian, Geographer, Civil Engineer
Masters- Multimedia Designer (You can specify), Robotics Engineer, & Doctor (you can specify)
Ph.D- Musical Artist (either performer or composer), Engineer (very advanced), Doctor of Medicine (you make medicine & can revolutionize healthcare)

These are only ideas, but me and the Author have been brainstorming all night for these. Each job has benefits (including health insurance to cover surgeries), they each have potential drawbacks and different wages. Some are even restrictive (mostly the high level ones). It will not be required to go through college, let alone go for masters or Ph.D’s. Their just something fun for the game, & they make financial things easier, even if they do eat up time.


I like the jobs they sound fun so it’s like a slice of life game?

Little bit yea. We just thought it would be fun to have all those options, & their completely optional as well.

I would also suggest a law degree. A couple of people I know went into the law field to help others, like them, or to specialize in a field that is underserviced.


What about transgender non binary people? Is there an option to play as a gender queer person?

Based on the first post:


If I might add one more suggestion to the pile: a psychology degree.
I’ve known a few trans people who’ve entered the psych/social services field so they can help other trans people deal with any issues they might have and to try to help them navigate the medical side of being trans, and if the author is open to suggestions, I think it would be a nice path to explore.

I would explore this path also

Talked to the Author about the law & psychology job/degrees. They like the idea, but aren’t 100% sure about adding it in just yet. We both want to finish the middle school chapter first, then finish most/all of the high school chapter before adding anything major in yet.

But they like that.

& they have two additions to the high school (temp variables for the high school scenes only). School club and sports.

Martial Arts (leaning towards Tae Kwon Do for this)

& The author has agreed that due to the overwhelming support for this, we can release a demo of the game (so public version) for everyone. We’re thinking that it will last all the way up until the end of Middle School or the end of Freshman year of high school.
After the demo would be released, the rest of the game will be open to private beta testers.


If you want I can’t @ some people who expressed interest in other lgbt+ games before and can we have a idea how the stats(if any) will work

I’d suggest being careful with Two-Spirit, since it’s a LOT more than a gender identity (there’s spiritual connotations, etc). Someone can be 2S and connect with no LGBT+ labels, or they can connect with any of them. It’s a very delicate topic, since it’s both a gender issue and a Native issue that’s only recently coming to light. Tbh tho, they’re handling many difficult issues in this, welp, best of luck with all that research. Other than that, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this develop, and I hope that author does well and is safe.


The stats are not 100% there yet, as we are adding things in or changing things around.

The confirmed (& permanent) stats are below:
Name & Preferred Name
True & Birth Gender
True & Birth Sex
Mental Health
Depression, Stress, & Dysphoria
Sexual Orientation
Job, Degree, and Education
Money & if you have Health Insurance or not
List of how much money you have loaned from the bank

& There are extremely important stats:
Feminine vs Masculine
Stealth vs Out
Afraid vs Unafraid (trust me, lots of people besides the author are terrified of coming out)
Passing Male vs Passing Female

There’s a ton more, but there’s a lot of hidden stats & i don’t want to spoil everything