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A new link, a new thread - A Wizard’s Tale.

This is my first game with CoG. The game is about half way done at this point, and this is a new thread I am opening, with a new link to the game.

I would make one request of all beta testers. Please do not read the code on my game without asking me first. I may be the only person on the whole planet that feels like that is wrong, but I think that is wrong.

The Description

The main character is an apprentice wizard at The Academy of Wizardry and Science who has been having nightmares that he believes are visions of something terrible to come.

You will travel from Kingsgate on the east of Chetwick Hold to Dragonsgate in the far north on Kolgarath Mountain. You will recruit, name, and choose gender for three companions along the way. You will even have a talking donkey that carries all your stuff.

Fight monsters, visit shops, romance companions, and defeat an evil foe seeking revenge.

All companions are romanceable - some easier than others.

The main character can be male, female, or non-binary. You can be gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual.

I hope everyone enjoys the game - let me know if you come across any problems.


error: line 113: No selectable options

just curious but why a new thread ? You do know, you can edit your original one right?


@SilverSurfer would you like your old thread closed?

That would be helpful, yes.

Line 113 in which file? What were you trying to do at the time?

Hum…I tried to see if the bug happen again, and for some reasons it didnt.

If you check it out yourself, it was just after I decide if Male or female rogue join me?

Could have been a cookies issue on your end, maybe. I seem to remember fixing that problem there several days ago. But I’ll check it again - thanks.

Okay, I went back and looked closer and this is a function of jumping ahead. The variables that allow the menu options to show up on that particular menu are based on the rogue’s name and gender being set to default, but if you “jump ahead” then the rogue’s name and gender get defined through a set up subroutine that runs in the background. I will be doing another major update, hopefully, by this weekend and it will be the last one for several weeks. So when I do that I will disable the jump ahead and people will be able to play and use saves for awhile.

Hey guys,

I know I said I was gonna have a new major update, hopefully ready by this weekend, but that has been delayed. My wife just published her first book on Amazon called Feathers in Her Hands and I am learning how to be an Amazon book promoter now.

I will finish this in due time, but it will be slow going for awhile.


Take your time, family always comes first.

And good luck with the book!

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