New storyline ?!?!

I really want to make a story onchoice of games but have no clue how to make one …
suggestions would help amazingly !!!

Hmm… what kind of books do you read? In what kind of world do you feel the best? Is it science fiction one? Maybe fantasy? Or some detective novels? Look for what you like the most and just try to build a story around it. If it is your first try at making a story like this, i think that some fan fiction would be the best choice to go with. Because you don’t have to make a whole world and come up with all the rules. You can just concentrate on the story itself. For a long time, before i wrote my first “book” (it was like 30 pages, but those pesky viruses crashed my PC completely :/), i was a part of “Make Your Own Adventure” at some fan forum about The Witcher.

For starting tips on the coding, see:

For story ideas, as Polonium says: what kind of stories do you like to read?

You need to download the choicescript interpreter source code, you can find a link to it (and a tutorial on how to use it) by following the link provided by Havenstone above.

Then it’s a matter of actually “scripting” and writing your story.