New Omnibus "Choice of Games" app


I’m pretty outspoken about consumer practices and design features for mobile apps! Since I spend so much time glued to my damn phone like a dumb millennial I’ve developed strong opinions about this topic.

What I’m most interested in for the CoG omnibus app in particular is a way within the app to sort the games by genre and content (and allow us to search using those terms), like the tags on this forum already do. Coupled with a “You Might Also Like” and/or “Recomended Reading” sections, that would really open up the app for me while also better differentiating your selection of games to your audience to reach the right people. If I’m not interested in superhero games, I won’t buy them whether they’re at the top of the app list or the bottom, so I’d need a way to filter it for the games that I do want to buy! :slight_smile:

Also a quality of life thing: right now if I want to resume my Heart of the House game, I have to search for it in the app again! It would be nice if it didn’t reset to the menu when the app closes in the background, and it would also be nice to have a “Your Games” list so I don’t have to remember which games I’ve bought if I come back six months later.

That’s definitely not a feature I’m excited about. At best I’d be neutral, at worst I’m worried it’ll be bothering me with ads for titles I’m not interested in. Luckily iOS allows you to turn notifications off. Even so, I can’t see notifications as ever being something that sells someone on the app.

I know notifications are appealing from a business standpoint, but from a consumer’s point of view … they’re somewhere in the range of ambivalence to straight up annoyance, unfortunately.


I wouldn’t be bothered by notifications as long as they’re limited to a single one for each new release.


I bet there’d be a setting to turn notifications off.


Thank you. Sorry, I had no idea a brand new Omnibus app was being designed. Hope my feedback helps make the new Omnibus app better though.

This is a feedback that I had also made earlier in the thread, where I said I can’t keep track of which apps I’ve already purchased and which I haven’t in the omnibus apps - I’ve purchased quite a lot of apps and it is easy to keep track when their all displayed as individual apps New Omnibus "Choice of Games" app

I hope this will also be taken into consideration when designing the new Omnibus app. :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re interested in that, too :wink:

The notifications I think are certainly on a “there’s a new game in the app” level. I’m not sure what else at this point.

I know, I know. As I said upthread, I’m really not sure we’re going to be making more changes to the current app rather than devoting that energy to the version 2.0, where all the issues everyone has with the current incarnation (sorting, recommendations, menus, purchases, etc etc etc) will be addressed + a beautiful design.


We’ve rolled out a “My Library” and favoriting feature in the Choice of Games omnibus. My Library displays the last game played, any games you’ve favorited, and all your purchased games. More features TK.


And those are probably the last changes until Version 2 hits?


Apparently the development of what I think of as “V2” is more incremental, rolling out features as they’re ready, than I had been given (and given ya’ll) to understand.


The new features look amazing! :smiley: The omnibus app has already come a long way!

Just curious, have all the CoG titles been uploaded to the omnibus at this point? It looks like it, but I’m not totally sure! :sweat_smile:


I’m just curious when Android users are going to get this omnibus app for CoG and Hosted Games?

Sorry in advance if this question already has been asked!


Hopefully never. Bite your tongue!


Hah! As if one can not live without the app. I am just fine without at the moment.


Yes, first post, and several times on this thread, lol.


I don’t know when exactly this was changed but I just noticed that the iOS status bar is now visible at all times when reading. I much preferred the previous system where it would only be visible alongside the navigation bar when you swiped up. As it is now it both obscures the top line of text and makes it difficult to read the status bar itself.


Apple actually explicitly says not to do this in their Human Interface Guidelines (Keep the status bar readable, ensure content does not appear under the status bar). At the very least I’d like an option to disable this. I much prefer reading fullscreen with no persistent UI elements, and either way a status bar that is barely legible is not useful.


I don’t know if anyone’s said this yet, but I just opened the COG omnibus app for the first time in a long time and it looks AWESOME! It’s a huge improvement already and the tags, thumbnails, and system of ordering things is super cool! Great job to whoever is working on it! :raised_hands:


That’s all Dan.


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The latest release of the CoGnibus includes a new ratings system. In the latest version of our app, you can now rate our games and see how other people rated them. To view ratings, tap the “Detail” button on the Games list. You can also sort our games by average rating using “Order by: Rating.” To leave a rating, play a game through to the end. You’ll be prompted to rate the game on a scale from 1 to 10, and then sign in to have your vote counted.

New omnibus "Hosted Games" app

I’ve been informed by a friend who uses Apple devices that there are bugs in the latest update and she informed CoG. Any word on what’s up?


I think everything is fixed. Feel free to just email us directly or have your friends email us directly rather than use the forum though.