New Omnibus "Choice of Games" app


It’s a bit difficult to restore purchases using the app; it took many retries before it recognises the purchases made in the app. So when I click on restore purchases, it will open the app, but then either says “the app is not installed on your current device” or “app store indicate that you have not purchased this product in the app” - when I’ve clearly installed the app and paid for the upgrades.
Maybe something to look into?
(I actually said this in an email reply to Abby Trevor, but not sure if the comment is directed to the right person, so I’m posting it here.)


Yes, that’s the right person. We have one person who handles our support; she works Monday through Friday.

And an email to support AT choiceofgames DOT com is really the best and only way to be sure that we are aware of an issue with a game or app.


Just to highlight that I encountered the following error when trying to restore purchases for Avatar of the Wolf and Demon’s Mark via their respective apps:

I had no problems with the other CoG games, just specifically these two.

I’ve already emailed support with the error captures via the in-app link, but just wanted to know if this is a common thing or the problem is with my phone instead.


Update the app to the latest version.


I’ve just gotten my first game on the app, but I’ve been a longtime reader since choice of Dragons was initially released- and I have to say- I’m a bit disappointed with the app so far…

Part of what I loved about the games when they were released independently was the fact that you could play them offline (because I travel a lot it’s nice to have the interactive stories to keep you busy while on a plane, or in a different country without any service.) However- with this version that seems to be impossible, as you can’t even go from one chapter to another - or even check character stats without a connection to WiFi.

I may just be ranting- but I decided I wanted to post on here to see what everyone else thought/thinks of the app (good and bad reviews included!)

(Also I posted this specifically referring to I, cyborg- as I just realized there was a omnibus hosted games post too, so I’m not sure how different of a topic this will make!)


I don’t have the app myself, but requiring constant internet connection sounds troubling indeed.


That’s odd. According to the CoG staff, they firmly informed us that once you buy the game and have it downloaded, you don’t need to be online to read it. I am pretty sure that they have stated it multiple times since this was asked again and again.

It is better to inform the CoG support about this.


We definitely get that. We’re working on a very awesome, very dynamic, and beautifully designed omnibus app right now. We didn’t have a choice about doing an omnibus, so in order to keep bringing you new games on iOS, we’ve developed this to work for now.

Hmmm. That should not be an issue at all. You shouldn’t have any problem playing games offline. I haven’t seen reports of this. Can you send an email to support AT choiceofgames DOT com describing what happens?


I ran into the same problem when I tried to open any of the games in the omnibus app in airplane-mode. Not a problem for me as I dont really play without wifi/data connection but just wanted to verify the issue. All I got was a network error message.


Thats exactly what happened here


Yes, seems to be an issue with my version as well.

I’ve recently purchased Heart of the House and played a few chapters last week. I just checked and it loads in airplane mode, though I haven’t advanced a chapter in airplane mode as of yet.


I’ve played games offline on the hosted omnibus app, but the main COG app seems to have alot more “quirks”


@Uniqueth @will

Short version: You have to launch a game with a connection before you can go offline to play it.


I do understand that/ but that’s also what frustrates me about this app because this problem doesn’t occur with the hosted omnibus one


Tbh, I find the sequence of the games in the Omnibus app (both COG’s and Hosted Games’) to be very messy. For example, the sequence in which Heroes Rise are displayed in the COG app are: Heroes Rise: The Prodigy (first game in the series), Heroes Rise: HeroFall (third game), and Heroes Rise: Hero Project (second game). There are many other examples in the Hosted games app.

Maybe I’m being a bit pedantic, but it’s just weird to have the games listed in an non-chronological manner, especially games that are part of a series.


Yeah. I get that the omnibus is not ideal right now, but I promise it is temporary.

We really are hard at work making an amazing 2.0 version of this app and it’s very difficult to balance taking time to add features to this version when we’re trying to go full steam ahead with something completely different that I know is going to blow you all away with its features/design.


Best of luck and godspeed.


Now that is very exciting to hear! I did not realize you folks were doing a totally new version. I assumed it was going to be a process of improving the existing product little by little.


Agreed with the above! One thing that’s great about COG is that you guys actually know what to do and try to fix things that community members have commented about!

Looking forward to seeing everything!


Aside from adding notifications, which are coming very soon, I think this version is (more or less) what it is.

We have new designs for the next version. All very exciting stuff! But it’s going to be a minute before it’s ready.