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As I stated in the HG Omnibus thread:

There are new Apple rules posted:

So, this new rule will stop Omnibus purchases of new titles in the Choice of Games catalog or for people even to browse what is not already owned?

I do not understand how these new rules will allow people to buy new releases on an Apple phone.

Edit: The answer is provided here:

Thank you for clarifying this for us tech-challenged people.


:open_mouth: Honestly it’s stuff like this that makes me look down on apple users. Why people pay so much more than for an android phone for service like this an in my opinion a much inferior product. Sorry if that was a bit ranty/off topic, but apple and it’s unwarranted popularity really pisses me off. It also seems unfair as I assume if the omnibus apps come to android these rules wont apply. I mean I guess that’s partly apple users fault for buying apple, but still :stuck_out_tongue: .


Well I don’t know about you, but this ad totally convinced me to throw away my foggy, overcast day android and buy a shiny sunny iphone the same day. (j/k- Apparently apple has fantastic advertising (this must have been the exception to that rule?) and a large amount of brand loyalty. Each to their own, each type of phone has their pros and cons :slight_smile: )


As a temporally lucid rouge iphone user were pulled in by the shiny phone and amazing advertisements then the hooks of contracts enslave us till were willing loyal drooling slaves to the money vampires their tech…sup…support…is absolutely wonderful i love my iphone its perfect in every way far supirior to those cursed android users and those lost souls wandering away from the apple mother dome…:grin: love the apple :crazy_face:

irony is i absolutely hate mac despite my slavery to my iphone Gasp this must be why im not fully a drone of Apple! My Pc love saves me :joy:


Apple has always had very clever advertising (with the exception of a few add campaigns like the one above.) That’s how they originally managed to get a foothold in against IBM. (And now compete against android even though they’re more expensive in general than the average android phone.) Marvel in amazement at the first Mac to ever be unveiled :grin:


Hi, lately whenever I try to enter omnibus app, the app freezes at logo and my whole phone becomes unresponsive. I tried to make the phone sleep and unsleep again, and the phone will stay in black screen even when I tried pushing the sleep button again and again. And before my phone becomes responsive again, the phone screen flashes a few times. This only happens with Choice of games omnibus app, and I saw a review in App Store who seems to have the same problem as me. I’m using an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.4. The omnibus version is 1.1.4.


Never being a fan of Apple / Mac whether it is Desktop, Laptop or smart phone … Especially Desktop, rather being bind into using the whole Mac package of casing, ram, hard disk , CPU etc… i would much prefer to assemble my own independent set of Casing, speaker, Ram, Rom, video display card , sound card , micro processor , monitor , keyboard etc , i am kind of an Anti-Brand person :wink:


Something I miss with the new Omnibus and the Hosted COG apps, is being able to check out the content warnings or age ratings so I could get a feel for what things will pop up in the story before I read it- does anyone else feel the same?


This problem may be fixed in the 1.1.7 version of the app, which just released an hour ago.


Hi! Did anyone notice that all Choice of games releases suddenly became available in the Omnibus app, but then disappeared again with today’s update? Perhaps they were put there too early?


Adding the whole back catalog is still in development (and yes, that was an accident, Dan is still working out some of the kinks).


I see. Thanks for the clarification! Looking forward to the next updates!


Might be the wrong place to post this, but I opened the hosted games omnibus and got an ad. Is that intentional?


Also, the omnibuses force you to play in portrait mode, when I could play in landscape mode on the regular apps. Is this going to stay?


There are people who read these stories in landscape? Wow. Did not know that.


Just one more thing to keep in mind when using page_breaks. :smile:


Personally, landscape is far more comfortable and easier to read, imo. The text is longer and doesn’t take up as much vertical space, the sidebar isn’t cramped and you can see all your options and stats and whatnot more clearly, and you don’t have to scroll or you need to scroll less to see everything in the sidebar.


Can you read landscape on an iPhone? I never even realized that was an option, lol!


I’m not sure, I use an IPad.