New Hosted Game! "Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two" by Mishka Jenkins

Oh, thanks for the info, but I’m in Canada, and on iOS, while the post that mentions not being available in certain countries is for Androids.

Does CoG have any plans to release this as a stand-alone app later? Just did a quick search of the forums and found another game that didn’t have a standalone until way after release. Some clarification on whether we can expect one or not would be appreciated.

I’m afraid I don’t recall anyone saying that Apple relaxed their policies. I wouldn’t hold my breath on an independent iOS app release.


Just finished my first playthrough (M’s) and it was so much more than I had expected!! @Seraphinite thank you for letting us enjoy and love another great, amazing work of yours of this beloved series!! :bouquet:

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Just finished my first playthrough with Nate.

And I have to say, I was left rather disappointed with Nate’s playthrough. He did not turn out in the way I would have expected, and in a number of ways I found his interest in our Detective somewhat creepy. His sudden and unannounced appearances, his many lingering stares, his incessant thoughts of the detective, even some of the things he would say made my skin crawl at times. In the end, all of his collective behaviour just seemed to give the impression that Nate was more obsessed with the detective than he was experiencing genuine romantic feelings that could one day become love. Of course, this is just my take on it. Others may feel differently, or perhaps it’s just an aspect of the vampire experience I am not truly appreciating, but it all just rubbed me the wrong way.

But do not take this to mean that I disliked the book. It is certainly a respectable addition to the HG library, though I would say that the first book was better. And despite my uneasiness with the Nate playthrough, I did read it all the way through for the sake of finding out how the story ends. I certainly hope Nate seriously chills out in the next book, and, if he does, I may consider giving him another spot. His calm and collected nature was part of his appeal in the first book, as much as his unfailing kindness was as well.

Though I write this to express my thoughts to others, I also do this because I have the sneaking suspicion that this impression I got of Nate was not what the author may have intended, and therefore may wish to know of it.

I think I will try Mason next. I did like him after getting to know him more in the first book, and he was genuinely nice during the Nate playthrough of the second book. I will probably write more posts another time. :slight_smile:

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@11115 It’s all a matter of taste, honestly. In truth, these books have little to do with detective work or crime mysteries, as all of that stuff is just a backdrop for the real story; the detective’s romantic entanglements with one of four vampires. I would even say the supernatural stuff is another aspect of the backdrop, just one that we explore a little more than the others because it directly effects our vamps.

So, it really comes down to whether or not you are interested in romance stories. If romance is not your thing, I would probably advise you gave this a pass. But, if you are unsure, at least play through the demo (in this case, of the first book) before deciding. And who knows, you may be surprised. I have, a couple of times, approached a book thinking I probably won’t like it, only to read through the demo and find I liked it far more than I expected.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and what you want to do. :slight_smile: If nothing else, it passes the time while we’re all stuck in quarantine. :wink:


I love, it!,that’s all im saying.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Congratulations on the release… can’t wait to lose myself in the story again

WoW… Congratulations on the release…
Can’t believe it’s out…
It’s been WAY too long since I’ve last played this wip…

I’m surprised I let how N is in this book slide,(I’m going the TL route) but I guess I ignored how N was starting to give yandere tendencies with how clingy and nervous they got. Like when bringing Bobby, N was more concerned as to why was Bobby with you alone, instead of how was Bobby infected. Not to mention their thoughts seemed to almost foreshadow being dependent on us, as if without us they might feel like they have nothing despite having UB.
Atleast, that how I saw it thinking back on it. Probably should play a few more times to be sure.
@No_This_Is_Patrick Got to it and it was less dramatic than I remembered, at most N was horrified when commenting about us having someone visit so late. There would probably be more in some of the following options about our relationship(I chose to call Bobby “just a reporter and a pain in the ass”)

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I’m pretty sure they were all more concerned with why Bobby was alone with you. A even breaks the table corner and M gets a little pissy.


This gem dropped without any notifications! If I hadn’t misclicked, I’d be looking over this for too long.

Tell N they’re your ex and have a good time.


OH MY GOD IM DEAD. Seriously now, congratulations. Im sure this will be as fun as the previous or even more.

Um…wow. I’d like to report that Wayhaven 2 has apparently gotten just over 1,500 omnibus reviews and is now the 16th most-rated game in the whole HG app. In less than 24 hours. The first one also jumped from a little less than 1,900 reviews to 2,332 in a day as well. It’s not an exaggeration to say this has a real chance at being the most popular non-free game in years, or possibly ever.


This game seemed much less tense than the first one. With the first game, there was quite a bit of tension that came with the detective essentially being thrown into this world that they knew nothing about, and that was missing in this book. Sure there was a villain in this book, as with all games, but the villain in this book just wasn’t that terrifying in my opinion. This game seemed much more focused on the detective’s relationship with their mother and their RO than it did on any sort of fast moving or tense plot. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’d just advise that people don’t go into this expecting the same tense plot as the first book, because it does not deliver if that’s what you’re expecting.

With that being said, I though the interactions with the ROs were perfect. They had the right amount of angsty and sweet moments. There were also more interactions with them in this book, which really added a lot of flavor to it. Honestly, any scene that centered mostly on the RO and the detective was automatically perfect in my book, because every interaction felt distinct and different.

Overall I’d give it a 7.5 or 8 out of 10, since the plot wasn’t really all that, but I doubt most people pay much attention to the plot anyways.


Just finished my first playthrough! I’d echo the poster above me and say that the game is much less tense than the first one, but I’d chalk that up to…fewer immediately conflicting issues facing the MC than the lack of plot. The first one started off running with a murder and had you juggling between different forces and conflicts (finding leads with the investigation, dealing with conflicts from Unit Bravo, dealing with conflicts from the mayor, dealing with conflicts from Bobby AND of course dealing with the whole Murphy thing without having a clue what was going on). This makes it feel like it has faster pacing (Part 2 had you spend the first few chapters basically just enjoying Springtime, while in Part 1 you were investigating a murder from the first page), but…I actually feel that Part 2 has tighter plot than Part 1. It just happens to be more deliberate, and more concerned with setting things in motion for further parts of the plot than being self-contained like Part 1 was.

Part 2 is really more about setting up future conflicts with the characters, though. I’m very concerned about what’s going to happen with Verda in the future, since that’s going to come up…and you get a better sense of what the MC is capable of, and more interesting decisions to make overall than in the first part.

I’ve only finished one playthrough so I can’t say much about the ROs interactions, except…man, Sera was not kidding when she said that she prefers to write romance with a very physical attraction element lol. There’s a LOT more of those than in the first one, and as an ace player it’s…a little bit harder to parse (I genuinely had moments where I went ‘…people actually think like that? that’s how sexual people do it?’ pretty much constantly throughout the story, and you know, it’s not my first time reading a romance or anything). It doesn’t make it not enjoyable, I’m still eating up all these angst and the sweetness, but…it’s something that would’ve been helpful to know before going in, as an ace, so I could get my brain into the correct headspace and make that first playthrough more enjoyable.

EDIT : Oh crap, did I hit ‘reply to’ by accident? Didn’t mean to clog up your notifs like that, poster above me!


I immediately bought TWC on every platform because this is how much I love it and feel that it deserve the support it gets! please review it everywhere and tell your friends about it!!

Now @Seraphinite I can not thank you enough for the A’s feels I got it was the highlight of my quarantine and I’m not joking when I say that TWC will help me get through these difficult times thank you honestly for writing such an awesome and delightful characters and story.


Does this book hava new romace option, or you only get closer to the old one?


There will only be four ROs (which are the old ones, no new RO will be added) confirmed by the author.


Is there no way to save book 2 play-throughs? I’m on the iOS omnibus.