New Hosted Game! "Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two" by Mishka Jenkins

Is it possible to keep the triangle going on even after I decide to kiss one of them at the end?

I believe this should spoiler tag. I hope you don’t mind me editing this. Please keep in mind tha majority doesn’t read the book yet.

Thank you.

I am really sorry but actually didn’t know how to do that…


You could highlight the word, sentence or paragraph that contains a spoiler and click the cog button found in the upper right on where we type in our messages. There will be an option to blur spoilers. You have do this every paragraph though but if you want to save time especially if you had a wall of text, in the same button, there’s a hide details to hide multiple paragraphs.

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I was under the impression that the LT would be polygamous.. Is that not the cas at all?



I highly recommend that you look over the Wayhaven Chronicles FAQ here on the forums. It has a lot of answers to questions you may have. For example:


Finished the first playthrough of Book 2 and am working on my second playthrough with a romance to Ava.

Spoilers below, obviously~

Random splurge of thoughts about Book Two

Does anyone else dislike Douglas? A lot of his actions are creepy in this Book, special mention how he tries to manipulate the Detective into letting him stay over at their house by saying he wants to get away from his dad, implying that it’s not a good household.

I didn’t like him trying to manipulate the Detective after you told him no. It was satisfying to tell him to screw off.

I probably wouldn’t have had a strong negative reaction if he just started out with ‘hey my dad sucks for reasons. Can I stay over for the night?’ without the crushing on the Detective.

Maybe it’s cause I’m a lesbian or cause I take no bullshit (or both!) but I found his nice guy routine to just ping red flags all over my radar. :thinking: It just had too many similarities to straight dudes and the routines’ they’ll pull to blackmail you into a relationship despite telling them no.

In other happier news~ Really happy to see the backstories of our vampires, the backstory of the Detective’s father, and how you can be a complete and utter asshole to Rebecca. I never took the asshole options, but it was surprising to see them being offered and I felt like some of them were a step up from Book One too :thinking:, in terms of how nasty you could be.

Anyone try them out? How did they affect the narrative?

I wonder how that will affect future books. There’s only so much verbal abuse a person can take, parent or not. I don’t think Rebecca would ever actively work to betray her kid, but maybe she hesitates in a time of need and that royally screws the Detective over? :thinking:

There’s an interesting setup being made where you can either try to keep the Agency/supernaturals a secret or not, specifically with Verda and Tina. I’m probably expecting too much right now, but it’ll be interesting to see how that’ll pay off in the future too. And how our Bravo Team will react too :thinking:

Speaking of Team Bravo… I love them. Have I said that before? I’ll say it again. I love them. Not only as ROs, but as team mates/friends too. They’ve got such an interesting dynamic with each other and the Detective.

Also bravo (hey puns~) on the pacing, particularly the relationship dynamic the Detective can have with the rest of the team. It’s especially noticeable with M, but I like how the Detective is slowing easing their way (depending how you play them, obviously) into the team.

Maybe one day we can get inside jokes? Hehe. Like if you pepper sprayed A in the beginning maybe the Detective will remark ‘hey you don’t smell like peppermint today’ as a knock to their first meeting :rofl:


Congratulations on the release! I absolutely loved it Nate’s my favorite but I love the others too!

Me too! I’m a straight female and Douglass creeped me out I was like :grimacing: but maybe eventually Douglass will chill out and stop stalking the mc lol



Now that I’ve finally made it I just wanna say wow. I can’t believe how great this story is like really. It still has me smiling like an idiot everytime unit bravo does something swoon worthy. Personally this is the one thing that that makes 2020 worth living :heart:


To me a story isn’t just the tropes, it’s the plot and characters. Plus, IMO tropes aren’t bad. There is no such thing as a wholly original story and trying too hard to avoid cliches makes for worse writing.

I enjoy Wayhaven because I like the characters. They aren’t just cardboard cutouts, they seem like fully realized people who have history, separately and together. They all react to the MC differently at first (A is a dick, N wants to bring them into the fold, F is thrilled to meet someone new, and M just doesn’t give a shit) and develop new opinions over the course of the two books so far.

:woman_shrugging: It has action, good characterization, romance, branching paths… it’s just a good story. It’s okay if it isn’t to your taste but calling it unoriginal is rude.


I love this seris so much!!! Everything from characters to the story itself. i just love it :heart_eyes:

I have a qousten though is anyone else having a problom with relashonships not showing? book 1 and 2 for me has been happining and i havent fixed it. other than that it is worth every cent!

I think that is intentional. Neither book 1 or 2 display relationship statistics, they are kept under wraps.

I think you have to activate “Show Relationship Stats” in stats screen to show it.

Such a bittersweet experience.

I shouldn’t be a fan of Wayhaven Chronicles. Linearity is something I abhor in CYOAs and I have never been into vampires. But it is a testament to Sera’s writing and the brilliant characters that this series is my favorite CoG/HG, closely beating out Dragoon Saga.

But like I said. Reading Wayhaven is a very bittersweet experience. On the one hand, this was such a wonderful read. But on the flip side, just like the last book, the wait for Book Three is excruciating.

I already miss Ava. And all the interactions between her and my character—even the bickering. Especially the bickering.

I suppose I could try replaying and romancing one of the others. Of course, I love all of UB. Especially best pal Farah. But as far as romance goes, I don’t think any of them will fill the hole left by A.

I guess I should finally get to that painting of Ava and Jason I have been procrastinating on.

I guess I can see how he can read that way, but to me Douglas came off as a a lovesick puppy that’s not to be taken seriously. I don’t know if It’s an age thing, but it reminded me more of a five year old who’s convinced that he wants to marry his favorite teacher… or something similar to that.


So far I did a few playthroughs…tried all 4 romances…It’s been a blast…it’s worth waiting for this… Anyhow is it possible to romance Tina or Bobby?

Nope. The ROs are only four:A, N, F and M. There will be no additional ROs which was confirmed by the author.


Thank god I’m not the only one! :joy: I was enjoying that sweet sweet love triangle full of angst and pain but then Falk came outta nowhere and made me swoon. His skin, his hair, his eyes, his regal demeanour, his extraordinarily fancy wardrobe and his magical throne (which is apparently more comfortable than you would think) got me like :heart_eyes: YES KING, TAKE ME. Why does Sera has to do me dirty and make him flirt with me when I can’t have him :sob:. Is this a punishment? For making A suffer? But honestly, isn’t the wait we have to endure till Book 3’s release enough of a punishment?

I think I need some more playthroughs to get over this ;-;


Can we kiss Ava at the end in Ava’s route?