New Hosted Game! "War of the Gods" by Barbara Elzey

I think the main source of complain is that nowhere in the description there is a hint about this being only the introduction of the story, and so when you start playing it and going on and suddenly when the story barely begins you’re hit with a “thats it for today folks” it’s a mayor buzzkill. I think is a communication/marketing issue more than anything

While some people are okey with playing games in installements, others are not, and some are only okay as long as you know an ETA of next chapters (Like Magium, where a new chapter goes out every two months or so, and the author is active communicating chapter progress)

And so people overlook the fact that is free because they’ve certain expectations from the description, those expectations are not met and THAT causes a lot of negative feelings towards a product. And for people that actually pay for it? I would feel completely cheated

So yeah, it should be mentioned that
a)The different characters are not just options for your character, but rather actual different characters in the story (unlike most other games). So people know that the 85k words is in 6 different stories
b)Only the first chapter of each story is available


i actually suggested it before in this thread xD
(is not only zombie exodus, choice of romance also did that adding more story in chapters.)