New Hosted Game! "The Shadow Society" by Cara Palmer

I’ve done that every time and I still trip.

Hmmm… I don’t know then, maybe it might have something to do with the two skills you excel at then??

Clumsy has to be less than 5, and it should work. If you caught what Vince threw at you, but still ran after Michael in the dark, I think it makes you too clumsy to pull it off.

You can also mock him with a bow just to jerk his chain, which works, in its own way. :smiling_imp:


Just tried it with clumsy 45 gracious 55 and no good. Maybe I need to update.

Nope. No update.

I liked the game but having played through it twice, I must say it feels like it lacks purpose. That is to say getting to the end I dont feel like I really did anything other than set up events for the next book. It might be nice if the next book had a definite goal that one accomplishes by the end of it. Like finding something or doing something. And then having the next book after that accomplishment. I felt like this was really good but mostly just setup for later and as such kinda lackluster when it came to an ending for the first book.

Still a great setup though I just really felt directionless and confused.


Hi, I know it’s been hours but upon checking the Amazon Appstore, it is available for purchase.


If you’re a Kindle user, kindly email:


Also, @Carawen a big congratulations on the release. I’ve been following TSS ever since the demo was first released and now Book 1 is finished. Can’t wait to read it! Already bought it when it was released but haven’t found time to read it. :joy: Anyway, congrats again!!

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well it is the first book which it introduced all the characters

I get that I just kinda feel like it didnt do anything other than setup. If this had just been a book It would be perfect but as it’s a choice based game it helps to have something to achieve or feel like you have achieved. I like it all the same it just feels more like a book than choose your own type game.


I love the game so far but I got a bug in chapter 14 and I have to restart the game to continue. looks like there’s a misspelling in the code? idk it says

chapter14 line 45: Non-existent variable ‘tattooo’

My character had a tattoo already which I selected while looking in the mirror and I had chosen a butterfly tattoo from Gwyndal.
I’ve sent an error report

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I think that’s kind of the point. The MC should feel directionless and confused. They’re thrown into a different world, where the only people they know are the ones who kidnapped them and some hot weirdo that was hanging out in the MC’s childhood home blathering on about ghosts and shit (and who seems like he/she can’t tie their own shoes without falling over or pissing themselves).

I enjoy the fact that, instead of rushing through things and fighting V or choosing sides right off the bat, the MC has to figure things out. Who do you trust? Who do you help? Do you latch on to the ‘bad guy’ and decide to help him? Or do you stick with the devil you know, because at least they’re nice and don’t seem batshit crazy (well, some of them do, but not all)?

The thing is, the MC is stranded and left with a mark they have to figure out how to use lest it possibly injures or kills them (Azur said they have to train, so how does that play into them going back to Sunworld??). Their parents were into shit they never suspected and now they’re being drawn into it, whether they like it or not. And they have to figure out what to do with that. And how to process the fact that everything they thought they knew is not exactly valid anymore.

In response to your comment about not feeling like you did anything, I think it’s because you expect a solid goal of "go here, fetch this, take this here, and kill the big bad at the end.’ That’s not what this is, though. It’s more of a psychological thing than a more obvious (or more often used) goal.

In TSS, the MC is like Alice in Wonderland, stuck in bizarroworld and trying to figure out wtf is going on and how to deal with it. Maybe your MC is focused on finding a way home, or maybe they want to stay. Either way, they’re stuck and surrounded by people they can’t really escape. So does the MC get dragged along, pulled this way and that? Or do they take control of the situation as much as possible by learning as much as possible? They can’t be in control yet, though–they aren’t prepared or trained for it–and that’s where the bulk of the story and purpose is, trying to figure out how to handle that.

When the MC inevitably ends up back in Shadowworld (whether by choice or against their will), then at least they’re going in armed with a bit more knowledge, some contacts (whichever side they choose to take), and a modicum of confidence about themselves and what they are capable of doing (especially if they’ve been using the mark).

That said, I trust Cara to find a way to yank the rug out from under the MC in some way yet again. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know some of the confusion is intentional but I dont feel like the character progresses in any way. You kinda learn some things but even then most of what you learn is that you know nothing. I liked it I just enjoy feeling like I did something. You know like let me build a house a cards or teach someone a new word they found out they like. It seems werid to think the MC went through all that and is still completely lost and really has nothing to show for it.


Sorry…but some of the codes are probably getting mixed up.
So, at the introduction I can’t make a perfect bow even though I am quick enough to catch the clipboard thrown by Vince.
Later at the epilogue, even though I decided to kill Q to save M, in the sun world I ended up with M’s dead body but the relationship screen says Q is dead not M. But the story says Q and M, both are dead even though the story says M is captured by shadow man. I am really confused.

I will try and see if this happens again…
Ok…I need to update my game.

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Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your game @Carawen and look forward to the sequel. I’m putting the next on my ‘must buy day one’ list ranking it up with the Wayhaven series.

As for wrong gender pronouns, mispellings, etc. I did send in a bunch of screenshots, but considering the size of your work, I personally thought you did a good job of keeping things under control.


I agree with everything @lys said …



My list is growing as well. The next Wayhaven, the next Fallen Heroes, the next Breach, the next Choice of Rebels… I’m sure there are more. But the next Shadow Society has to be there too now. All you authors make it so easy for me to send a couple bucks your way for the excellent stories you spin.



Just want to request if you could blur some of the details in your post? It’s quite in the spoiler territory already.



Played some of the demo so far, seems similar to Wayhaven.

I am having a difficult time getting into the identity of the character, for example there is a “laid back” vs “dramatic” stat, and if you make the laid back choices it feels incongruent to the actions and responses the protagonist makes that are outside of your control.

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It’s a bug. It should be set to succeed if clumsy < 50, not 5.

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First, Congrat on the release. I’ll buy it as soon as the snow storm end and I can get out of my home lol I need this!

Second, was playing with the demo and found this :

As she turns his her gaze towards the window, I notice that her normally overly expressive face appears unusually serene. She interlinks her fingers and starts to twiddle her thumbs absentmindedly.

It’s with Michaela (F/F), on the couch after all the crazyness and following her.

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Was enjoying the game so far till I got an error saying:

Chapter7 line 1598: Non-existent variable ‘tattooo’

Now I have to start the whole game over :frowning: