New Hosted Game! "The Nascent Necromancer" by Samuel Harrison Young

The best place to report bugs and continuity errors is Be as detailed as possible and include screenshots if you can.

right, I’ll do that. Thanks

I bought the game and played it, and I rather enjoyed it.
The only issues I really had with it were a couple of quibbles about Termanology, warlock versus sorcerer, although that could easily be fixed by giving a reason why it’s called sorcery in the game, since I am of the opinion that I’m pretty good with most things as long as there is an internal continuity answer in the media that explains it.

The only other negative that I really had was that I could not really get behind any of the arroz, except perhaps The, would she be considered an ex-witch hunter since she is literally working with a sorcerer?
They were good people and well portrayed, I just couldn’t really bring myself to care about them all that much. Shrug
Then again I am coming from a diet of the Wayhaven Chronicles, keeper of day and night, and a few other books where the romantic interests make up a significant chunk of the story, so that just might be me.
Other than that, I thought the pacing was good, there were a bunch of good choices, stats were good, and the overall story was nice. When I first started I thought that you would become a sorcerer much earlier and then have to deal with the ramifications for a much longer time as opposed to what actually happened, but once again that is just a quibble of mine, and it does not detract from the story, so yeah.
As such, I am looking forward to the second book, as well as your brother’s face when he wakes up in a grave. Preferably not rotted, as that would be complicated.
Also, just as a recommendation, I think it would be nice if we could explore your demon, partner? Patron? Whatever, her relationship with you a bit more perhaps going forward, and maybe get into her history or something? That’s just a recommendation though, and as always it is your book, so you tell the story.

Did Goro rape mc? I thought he was interrupted before he could do anything but the game is acting like he did. I’m a bit confused

Well, I enjoyed this well enough. My only complaint (and it’s a big one) is how my character keeps getting forced into choices I don’t want to do, like getting involved into certain situations, forced to being angry at someone, etc. This completely takes me out of the story.


They cut that from the game before release.

There’s an achievement that says it’s possible to not have anyone dead in the team, but I’m just not able to do it, anyone has been able to get it?

I’ve never had any companions die, ever. Actually this is the first time I’ve heard that they can die…

You have to pass most or all of the stat checks when fighting against the witch hunters at the end, or your plan can fail and one of your companions can die. Although, passing certain checks can still lead to a character death depending on the situation.

Is there poly in the game? Cause the romance part of the summary said “romance men, women, both or no one at all”, with the “both” part, does it mean that it’s possible to romance two ROs but you’re toeing the line with romancing both or can it be a poly or V relationship?

In this case, it just means you can romance any of the ROs (your sexual orientation is never strictly specified) and can pursue multiple of them at the same time. In the end you have to decide on just one person to be in a relationship with.

Well I just got to a part where I made Lonnie my girlfriend and to test it out, I also made Tozi my girlfriend before reloading to a previous save and I got an achievement for both of them separately. Does that mean there is poly or a V relationship somewhat or will it still make you pick one? Also, is the sequel for this game still being worked on or was it abandoned?

I will not be coding or writing any poly relationships as that’s just not the focus of the game.

I’m going to make TNN a standalone by adding several more chapters as an IAP

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Just finished the game and loved it…keep up the good work

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IAP? What’s that?

In App Purchase like in Zombie Exodus, for example.

So, instead of making a whole sequel, you’re instead going to extend the game by adding DLCs like how adrao was planning with the “Life as a Lich” dlc for Tokyo Wizard?

shoves all the companions aside

I didn’t have to sacrifice anyone in my group and everyone survived but let me just say I would, no questions asked, kill everyone in the group except for Jred (i’d probably still do it but i will be sad) and our doggo (who i named Courage) for Yosif lmao