New Hosted Game! Samurai of Hyuga Book 4 by Devon Connell

Maybe I am in the minority, but I was glad to have a break from Masa. They’re cute and all, but geez they are draining. Especially glad to be out of Tosh’s clutches. I missed Hatch though.


I don’t know if you’re in the minority. I doubt many people ever saw Masa as a RO and instead saw them more as a comic relief/ morality pet. I saw them as an RO for two main reasons.

  1. Their gender changes to your preferred gender. In every choice game and some other narratives like Episodes and What’s your Story characters change based on your sexuality. And those characters are always love interests.

  2. Masa is the first person to truly care for the Ronin. It’s expressed in a Tsundere “you Baka” way but most other romantic characters are enablers. Masa tries to help us be better while everyone else is willing to jump in our bed no matter how much of a shit we are. Junko tears us down, everyone else let’s us stagnate, but Masa tries to build us up.


Yeah I get they are put in a potential RO slot, I won’t be going that route though; too weird for me. Also, I don’t like the ‘build you up’ thing, more like change the Ronin to how they want them to be. The Ronin is who they are, in the end despite everything they go through the Ronin is always a good person, doesn’t matter where their personality is aligned. Also it is subjective whether who is the one who wants to build you up and who is the one who wants to tear you down. Masa and Jun/ko have a lot of parallel’s with each other, both like to put the Ronin down. It is shown throughout the series Masa gets annoyed whenever the Ronin actually able to prove they are clever and not the idiot Masa likes to treat them as. At least Jun/ko knows the Ronin is smart, but feels that aspect of them that gets lost in their thoughts is in direct opposition to their way of life. From their perspective they are helping the Ronin no different than Masa. Although Jun/ko actually knows what they are doing and Masa only succeeds in following Tosh to literally tear down the Ronin. Throughout the Jun/ko arc it is obvious they have their own issues, at least you can confront them, and as you progress the story you see their dynamic is one of twisted equality. The whole treating you like a dog gag, was mainly punishment for allowing yourself to be Satsuma’s dog all this time. Frankly the Jun/ko relationship is the only one you see that actually changes within this story, everyone else treats the ronin in the same way as when they are first introduced.


Fuckin same

First playthrough i was like “time to pick the worst choices :slight_smile: lets get wild and suicidal” and now im badly feelin for jun bc wowow Kill me please im empathising way too much help

Also gensai can suck all dicks fuck that guy

I kinda feel like every chapter should have a big warning sign first

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Yeah, I was still handling my heartbreak moment last night. My mistake was playing samurai of hyuga 4 by being loyal to Junko. God I was also very emotional at the last chapter. To make it more worst, i felt like am handling the cut bone with junko more seriously than with my real heartbrake