New Hosted Game! "Life of a Space Force Captain"—Live a futuristic life as a starship captain!

To be fair, you’re one of his senior officers at this point (since “lieutenant” in the DSF corresponds to Lt. Commander or Commander in NATO ranks) and it’s entirely in character for Captain Montgomery to solicit advice from his officers. Plenty of captains do that.

With that said, welcome to the forums, and thank you for your in-depth engagement with and criticism of the game!


Admittedly I don’t agree with most of this but I do think we should be able to just shoot the people who rushed us.

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Do you know how many races are there in total and what is their technology?

There are a few times where it’s mentioned that there are tons of races that we don’t even learn that much about so I can only summarize the ones I met in game that were specified. It can also be a bit vague so it’s not always clear who’s more advanced in one area.

We all have spaceships, terraforming (presumably, the Solar System is wholly inhabited), and laser weaponry. There are only a couple of exceptions. There is also genetic engineering and hybridization.

Humans just developed FTL travel. I think before then travel was sunlight but fast enough to get between us and the other playable races. It may also be that the others didn’t feel like sharing. We also have AI well past the Turing Test, and robotics advanced enough that various synths inhabit SOL. We also have verry good cybernetics.

The Linnerians are a roach-like people known for being excellent builders. They’ve been setting up colonies for a while, so I imagine they’re a bit ahead of us.

The Reticulans are the gray aliens with flying saucers. Their vat-growth tech is also good enough that they don’t need a natural reproductive method. They’re said to have tech beyond the other races that they’re cagey about sharing, but idk the details.

I don’t know much about the Aurellians since their psionics got a lot more focus and that’s more of a natural talent. We do know that they can melt icy celestial bodies into water to inhabit, like they did with Europa. I think they’re looked at kind of looked up to culturally by other races so they could have a bit of an edge.

Orroks are a diasporic race with no home world (not sure why). They have whatever tech is available to whoever colonized the system they live in.

Synths vary widely in levels of advancement as well since they exist alongside their creators. Ours are still made of metal and plastic and other such components but you have your varieties of scifi robots. You can basically imagine any type. Maybe you’re a human-like android like Penny from RWBY, maybe your Robbie the Robot, it’s up to you. Kyle is the most advanced, being a synth made by an unknown (not sure if you can find out) but advanced race and is made of a black metal that possesses some organic properties and can formshift and stuff. We just sort of found them adrift in space.

The Suvarians are kind of like the Utrom from Ninja turtles. They have humanoid robot bodies to drive and some pretty advanced firepower.

There’s also a race of rock-shelled people you can meet and that you get to name (their own term is unpronounceable) on a Suvarian staging ground world where they’re building their fleet. After they leave all their factories and shit behind to invade (because their leader is a dumbass), they took it and it let them skip directly to Suvarian level tech. After they join the DSF, I assume they can have whatever tech we have as well.

There’s also the light people who are an AI race (different from synths). They go from simple programs to advanced enough to make an actual digital universe that’s still real.

There’s a few other species that we only encounter once or twice:

You encounter two races in the blood of Khraal that are only seen once to my knowledge. Bird people and a strange, cloaked challenger. We know they have energy weapons and interstellar travel but that’s it.

Another single planet species is pre-interstellar and in the midst of an apocalypse you can prevent.

One race created really advanced AI but never left their planet.


Because they were engineered by the Reticulans in the first place.


Ah yeah, I suspected.

I thought the grey men bought the orrks from a race that doesn’t vist our galaxy anymore.

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Is it possible to join the Artemis Society while playing clusterball instead of joining the student body?

Not to my knowledge. They’re interested in politicians and stuff, not athletes. I never got the invite as a player.


I think Athletes gain the attention of a Space Crime Boss. After all, Illegal Activity is found in Clusterball.


Trouble is, I think you need to throw the match.

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Yes, Because I think Malko betted on the New Daria Wizards, the same team name from Life of a Mobster.


What psiosic studies and cybernetics are most useful?

It’s basically the mirror of the Artemis Society, which is theoretically about you being influential in politics, but requires you to conceed the student council election to Rachel/Alex.


Yes, and then they modified them into the race we know today. Reticulans are big on genetic engineering.

@Symphony: My favorite cyber build uses cyber-armor (and claws later) as a melee fighter. But the cryptography module also has its charm.

As for psionics, suggestion is the one true psi power. I kinda like using telekinesis as a substitute for combat skills though.


Just finished playing the game really like it! The story is good and the characters are all unique and interesting especially breezok they’re so cute and funny lol. However one thing i’m not a big fan of is the lack of interactions between our kid and the ros should we decide to have one i also noticed this in the previous life of games and the lost heir series so i was really hoping this one has improvements in that area since i don’t really feel like the ros are involved at all.
I know that this is more of a nitpick than anything and it isn’t the focus of the game but i think it could be a great chance to see the ros different parenting styles due to their races and/or personalities. Just a few scenes of that or even a comment or two would be nice like breezok could be interesing to explored as a parent with how emotional they are unlike other reticulans i totally hc them crying when their child tell them i love you for the first time :pleading_face:


Suggestion Psionic is an Illegal Psionic Power, mind control means that you violate a person’s freedom. Aurellians and Reticulans don’t use that power, everyone who plays all of Lucid’s games knows that Suggestion is as bad as Soulburning, Necromancy, and Demon Summoning (Depending on the Person’s opinion) (Mentioned in Lost Heir Trilogy)

Magic isn’t good nor evil, it depends upon the person, doesn’t that logic apply to suggestion as well?

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Well, according to The Lost Heir, necromancy is objectively evil in and of itself - you darken your soul just by practicing it, and can’t practice it unless you’re already dark-hearted. This is, of course, a retcon - in Life of a Wizard, Necromancy is called “dark” magic but (except for certain specific magics, such as becoming a lich) it neither affects the morality of its user nor requires an existing evil morality. Still…

Now, Life of a Space Force Captain lacks an objective standard of morality. With that said, there’s only one way to use suggestion, and that is to control someone’s free will. Is that inherently evil? My answer is no, suggestion could hypothetically be used in solely ethical ways - such as a psychiatrist operating with the consent of their patient to, for example, suggest that they give up a drug addiction. Of course, there’s reasons that it’s banned, because most uses of suggestion are evil. Controlling someone’s mind without their consent? There’s a word for that - slavery.

(As a side note, while apparently objective morality in Daria disagrees with me, Demon Summoning should be considered evil for that reason. Not because you’re “meddling with demons,” but because you’re enslaving sentient beings.)


No wonder the MC Parents in LH1 banned Demon Summoning to untrained people and left its magic to the Academy of Wizards. If Demon Summoning is considered "slavery " like you said, how come stronger demons can take control of the user with weak willpower? You also forgot to register Soulburning, draining the life force of others just to use its power.

Soulburning in its modern incarnation only drains the user. Past soulburners could use another person’s soul as an energy source, but you can explicitly condemn/commend such an act to J (and J agrees with your judgment). And the Catalyst class is effectively wielding the power of love (or friendship if you aren’t in a romantic relationship with J) against your enemies, because you and J are consensually soul-bonded.

Necromancy in LH2 generally requires evil acts—to get the Shade familiar you must kill a random homeless person (the Shade is their ghost). However in LH3, you can technically be a good necromancer if you donate all your money to charity in the endgame. The only morality locked class I disagreed with was the Druid of Decay—rot and death is part of the life cycle (so it should be accessible to all Druids).